Spotted: Ashley Hebert and ... The Bachelorette Winner?!

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Throughout the season, The Bachelorette spoilers we've read, and posted for viewing at your discretion, have been proven 100 percent accurate.

Now, new images of Ashley Hebert and the man who many believe will be her final rose recipient only bolster rumors about the August 1 finale.

We've reported that the season ends with Ashley Hebert engaged. But who gets down on one knee? If you don't want to know ... turn back now.

Ashley Hebert and ...

One of the reported shots of Ashley and The Bachelorette winner during a secret rendezvous this spring/summer. Follow the jump for clearer images.

ET Canada first aired these photos and the ultimate show insider/thorn in Mike Fleiss' side, Reality Steve, came through with the screen grabs.

Follow the jump for shots of Ashley and her man ...

J.P. Rosenbaum Sighting
Ashley Hebert Sighting

Yup, that's J.P. Rosenbaum with Ashley Hebert.

These pictures first surfaced July 1 and were quickly lost in the shuffle during the holiday weekend. Also, no U.S. station aired them that we know of.

Yes, in the first photo above, JP’s bag is cut off, and it is obvious that those are two different pictures taken and put together. Classic tabloid move.

However, the two side-by-side pictures clearly show that it's J.P., and that it's Ashley, and they certainly appear to be in the same place (in NYC).

So, now you know what we know. It's not a lot, but there you have it. Draw your own conclusions, and we'll keep you updated. If you already saw these, sorry.

Who do you think Ashley should choose?


last time i watch any of these shows. tired of all skinny fake everything. what about some of us older people need a break also. tired of all the beautiful people. i would love to have a makeover teeth whitened beautiful clothes so somemone will notice me also give other people a chance not just the beauts. done with all reality shows.


Emily was not in it for fame or money...her daughter is the Granddaugter of Rick Hendricks....Nascar superstar team owner. Do you really think she or her daughter is hurting for money?


Why would Emily even try out for the show other than 15 minutes of fame?? She had to have known that if she did get to the top 6 or 8 the press would be all over her especially considering her past with being a single mother, the childs father and his untimely death , don't get me wrong she's a A typical southern belle but I can't imagine what she actually thought was going to happen? And I understand she wanted him to meet the little girl but does she not have any family?? or did I miss that part. Maybe a adult outsider that was close to her could have influenced her and warned her of the possibilites of the press and all the things that come with fame maybe she was to close to the forest she could see the trees? And JP is not going to follow through with the marriage!! I'm betting on it.


Emily played Brad all along. She was in it for the glory. She always acted like little miss perfect.... FAR FROM IT. Money, Fame chasing more like it. She ruined Brad's chance of finding true love on that show. He could have married to Chantal. These are tears of gullt, see how she cries when the host tell her Brad is very protective of her.


JP has a really jealous streak in his nature and that is bad news. Believe me, I know how destructive that trait can be. Ashley could be making a BIG mistake to choose him. And, I thought his family was over the top protective of him.


and I think it was very wrong to add emilys part in ashleys show that was not cool at all very unfair


I think They should shock the nation have brad show up n get the real girl for him and the fact the two you could see had real love brad got caught up in the moment of feeling bad for emily and yes she is beautiful but ashley is real .and i think her and brad just re watch her home visit with her and his family they belong together ,and wow the ratings and gossip lol makes for tv shows


i think ashley should pick constantine.really nice looking couple way to go ashley


I know I do not know the whole storybut....Emily, you knew the deal from the beginning about moving to Texas. I do not feel you lived up to Brad's expectations and therefore, I can understand his anger. My only assumption is that you were in it for the glory. If ABC makes you the next bachelorette, I think I'll vomit. Go find a man on your own...that is...if anyone would have such a self-centered whiny brat! Good luck?


Emily is obviously a celebrity seeking fame whore.If she really cared about her daughter she wouldn't have gone on such a public show & knowing out right that she'd have to move to be w/Brad. he was very up front and she just played him like a fool. She never really seemed that into him (too perfect). He would've prbly been married now to chantel. She could handle his temper cuz they could be "real" with each other. She's a joke. He's been up front all along.

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