Ashley Hebert Engaged to Bachelorette Winner, Report Says

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The Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert is happily engaged, according to new reports.

Who's the lucky guy? That you'll have to wait 'til August 1 to find out ... or read The Bachelorette spoilers we've posted that have been 100 percent true so far.

In any case, it's good to hear the happy news, seeing as Ashley Hebert nearly lost hope after Bentley Williams stabbed her in the heart. Figuratively that is.

Ashley H. Engaged!

This week's Life & Style cover story says that Ashley did shake off Bentley's betrayal eventually, and is engaged to the man she gave her final rose to.

On a secluded Fiji island May 13, the last remaining hopeful got down on one knee and proposed with a stunning diamond ring (Neil Lane, obvi).

"Ashley's elated," an insider reveals to the celebrity gossip publication. "She's engaged to the winner and is now wearing her engagement ring."

"I'm happy with the way things turned out for me," Ashley says.

This is no Brad-Emily situation, either. Weeks after filming has wrapped, "she's definitely still in the relationship," confirms a Bachelorette insider.

"She says she's really happy."

while the couple must keep their relationship under wraps until the Bachelorette finale, the lucky winner can't stop gushing about Ashley, either!

"He said, 'I'm in such a great place in my life, and I'm the happiest I've ever been,'" a show insider says. “He’s the sweetest guy, and he’s very sensitive. He had his heart broken in the past, but he loves being in a relationship."

"He and Ashley have such great chemistry. They have been sneaking away for sexy date nights whenever they can,” another source notes.

Well? Who do you think it is? Follow The Bachelorette spoilers link above to find out ... or speculate in the comments below!


I'm very happy for Ashley and JP. I them a blessed life and hope that they don't listen to all the negative remarks but focus on a happy future together.


haha in your face haters, Ashley and Jp are happily in love and going strong...And to those who said her season was boring, hahaha in your face again, this season of bachelorette with Emily has the lowest ratings so far. and been a complete snoozefest... Zzzzzzz what a wall flower Emily is!!!


Waw I love Ashley Jp I think they are profect couple, Jp looks like he id responsibe guy and smart. And ashley is beautifl and outgoing I wish u the best both happy life


Ashley the whiner. She clearly didn't get the part by being smart. Typical glory hound who wants to be famous. I love how she went on TV to be a spectacle then complains when people criticize her whiny fame hound behavior.


ashley used to like you not anymore you suck u lead ben on and audience big dissapointment dont like how u treated ben user hes too good for u anyway he should be next bachler and pick a good women not you have a great pary girl life feel sorry for jp too


I love love Ashley and JP...there are the perfect couple and had the same feelings ashley did when he got out of the vechile...I voted JP from the beginning...JP is perfect for her and they are meant to be their an amazing couple...Your amazing ashley and I hope all the best for you!!!


i hope that ashley picks ben but if not i hope she has a happy life with JP... i honestly think that they both were perfect for her, but Ben was a bit better!!!


Ashley knows little about men...I hope JP or Ben has lots of patience. I think she will pixk JP but he's just as needy as her...Ben is probably better for her..Can't wait for finale...I hope the next season is better


Ugh. Ashley SO gets on my nerves. She is SO Whiny, needy and irritating. Much cuter as a blond. I think I'm OVER watching Bachlorette and Bachelor. No interest in any of these phony people. Revamp the show. Get in some fresh faces and stop using someone who's been on either show in the past. awful this season.


have to agree that this season was boring. Ashley did nothing but whine all the time. She comes as a "ME" person and will be high maintence for any man. The only reason I'm still watching is to see which poor smuck will be stuck asking her to marry him. Ashley, honey, a word of advise, don't rush down the aisle or you may find yourself standing alone, and make sure you can cancell or return things for your wedding in the event he wises up and runs the other way.

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