THG Asks: Is Rihanna a Bad Role Model?

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    Rearhanna's "singing" voice sounds like somebody drilling holes in a wall. She's fugly as heckspawn. A complete a hole. And she's probably a smelly. The writer of this article clearly likes her. I, however, do not. Is Chuck D a role model? Should he be? The answer to that is the same as the above answer RE Rearhanna. IS he a good role model - he tries his absolute bloody hardest to always be just that. So, what's Rearhanna's excuse? She ain't got a valid one. Period. Tupac Shakur is quoted as (and samples himself on Strictly...'93) as saying, "I was raised in this society. So, you can't expect me to be a perfect person..I'ma do what I'ma do." ...Interestingly, he denounced that attitude. And all his moments of bad behaviour a few months before he died. Little known fact. The "bad boy"/"bad girl" image sells. Or so we're told. Belief makes fact. That's my word. Look at ya, today...Film, Music, TV....all hooking onto the "lowest of the low" concept in terms of behaviour. People's attitudes - the same. We MAKE things the way they are, by following trends and fashions. Trends in phrases we thoughtlessly speak - like parrots. "You're thinking too much"...NOT "You've thought about this a lot." Everything starts with thinking ENOUGH. Shame then, that most people don't...


    ilove rihana because she's very evil.lollllllllllllllllllll


    god your a bin vain aint you (person above) raihnna's hair is hot though!


    rihana has never a bad girl she on a entertainer so pleas let stop criticising this young talented girl


    illuminati young descedant!watchu xpkt???????


    I love Rihanna's music a LOT. Her songs make me high and they make me want to dance (although I'm a terrible dancer). But that doesn't mean that she should be a role model. Teenagers are very easily affected by the media, as I myself have learned from experience. There are better role models than Rihanna. However, looking at Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, you could do worse...


    I dont think she's a bad role model. She's just expressing herself. People change especailly starts in hollywood to keep the lights on them so they dont get lost in the shadows.


    Isnt this chick like COMPLETELY infested with the Herpes virus???


    She's just a young girl who's living & learning about life herself as well as working out a lot of stuff. How can she possibly be a role model for other people? It's an unfair and unrealistic demand. I remember being her age and I know I couldn't have been a role model for anyone. That stuff belongs to grown-ups. The fact that she's a singer doesn't make any difference.


    She cums off to be crazy but she is real i FUCKING LOVE HER GO GIRL!!!!!!POWER TO A BLACK WOMEN

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