PTC Lays Into Rihanna, "Man Down" Music Video

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The Parents Television Council is at it again.

This time, the group is going after Rihanna, thanks to the "cold, calculated execution of murder" depicted in the singer's new music video for "Man Down."

Outraged over RiRi suggesting "that gunning down a rapist in a crowded train station is a proper form of justice," the PTC wants this video pulled:

The council says, "If Chris Brown shot a woman in his new video and BET premiered it, the world would stop. Rihanna should not get a pass ..."

Rihanna's Tweet that the video conveys "a very strong underlying message 4 girls like me" is also at the root of the group's objections.

The council's venom is also directed at BET for airing the video. What do you think? Is the PTC going too far - or did Rihanna and BET?


Well,some tink Rihana s right,i dont knw cos am a guy.Bt shotin somone in the public isnt d right way of doing things..


love rhihanas songs (man down)


am sad to hear this kind of things about RIHANNA that she murder a man what kind of mess is that i want to can somebody tell me about it, allover the word the news have being circulated concern Rihanna that she kill a man


in her song man down she says she killed him is that true?


Rihanna can do whatever she wants. It's a free country. If you don't like the MV then don't watch it. Nothing you say or do is gonna change anything. Move on man!! Would you take a sh*t and stare it after? No I don't think so.


Yes the video is a message, but in parents eyes rihanna made it look like its ok okay to kill a man that who attack u. So thats why parent is upset over the violent video. Its never ok to repeat violent to another human being. To me, if i was attack by a man who rape me, yes i will blackout and kill him. At the same time i do get the message in the video. So when women are hurt, we think about getting even with that attacker.


The difference is that Chris Brown's violent act was REAL! Rihana's is FAKE! How can people not see the difference? It's not like Rihana really shot the guy.


Oh another thing, if chris brown would have done a video like that, the world would have damn near stop. I do agree with the parents on that situation. Cause rihanna did calm as a abuse woman. So why commit the same violent towards the man in the video? But it still come back as her giving a message on how women feels when they get violate. And i never heard chris brown song about putting women down. He may have added, people need to get off his dick. But not down graded women in his music. I dont know where people get pussy and hoes from out of his music.


First, i hate the song and i never seen the video. But i will comment that the song is a message to people that who have been voilate. No, i dont think rihanna was trying to make a song to get even with chris. Cause if she did, riri wouldnt never added chris on her twitter page lol. Did some of u all forget that? She's a beautiful person on the outside, but dont know about the inside lol. To me, rihanna is damn near crazy azz hell. Riri do things for attention and she do need help ASAP. At least she was being honest about her as a role model. So, she is right! Rihanna is 23 yrs old with no damn kids. And riri is not a damn parent, she is an artist. A parents job is to keep their kids from growing up to be not like these celebs. But i will give it to all her die heart crazy azz fans for sticking by rihanna side. And u all need to quit putting chris brown name in everything rihanna do.


I was raped & I have no problem with this video.I see it as a young woman trying to say that even thouugh she was raped,she now knows her response to it was wrong,but it's too late.When someone violates you in that manner it leaves you vacant and void of reasoning.

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