Lindsay Lohan: I'd Like to Get Out More ...

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Lindsay Lohan is really getting screwed over by the criminal justice system.


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    Everytime she gets in trouble and back to your house with a slap on the wrist, it makes the LA county court system look like a joke...any other criminal would be doing jail time...


    What people need to realize is that celebrities are PEOPLE. It is so easy for you to talk shit behind a computer screen. Lilo is a person and wants to be treated as such. So, quit your trash talking we are all humans sharing this big world. People need to be more zen and treat each other with respect!


    i don't get what she did wrong ... all of u people are criticizing her ... i think that Lindsay (now) is so much better than Lindsay (few months ago) that's a score ... anybody in her situation would have complained just like her ... i don't think that's something wrong and i admit she's got it easy but BTW @TW not all all she does know the meaning of a hard life ... haven't u seen ur family !!!???? and also @singsing not all hollywood celebs are losers at least they accomplished something with their lives and some of them worked really hard to do it ... back to Lindsay ... she's not so bad after all she's just being a human...


    She needs someone like me to slap her in the face and tell her to wake up. She needs to walk a mile in my shoes and then tell me shes got it hard. At least she gets to see her sister, she can have parties, and her friends come over. She should have gotten in trouble where I come from, she wouldn't be complaining about house arrest then


    Someday this has been actress will run out of money and then where will her "friends" be? Time to move on, Lindsay is a has been.


    I really don't like celeb gossip people like' The Hollywood Gossip" just enjoy making celebs look bad-__-


    She doesn't know the meaning of a hard life.


    Lindsay has two brothers, Dakota, "Cody" the younger one is 16.


    Really... she's a huge loser! Just like all the other idiots in hollywood. Totally disconnected from reality.


    @Aaron Saltzer - you're right and thank you, I have made the correction

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