Lindsay Lohan Finds Tranquility in House Arrest

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If you thought Lindsay Lohan would be bouncing off the walls and itching to get out while under house arrest, you thought wrong. She is loving it!

Well, maybe not loving. But she's making the best of it.

The actress is using the time confined at her (beachfront) home to relax and reflect, reading screenplays and painting and entertaining friends.

Sounds pretty brutal, we know, but at least time away from the rat race will help Lindsay, and that ankle monitor incident was a false alarm.

What a Dumbass

Lohan swears her court days have come to an end.

Lindsay took to Twitter on Friday to share the benefits of house arrest, posting pics of visitors and writing, "Loving good music on a sunny day!"

Due to jail overcrowding, the star will serve about a month in her Venice, Calif., condo after pleading no contest to misdemeanor grand theft.

Not bad for a 180-day jail sentence. Go legal system!


Girl, seek truth, because to be stealing it, you do not need and nobody needs to steal, learn to be happy with what tem.E seeking to help those who have nothing and also work with the land-you will make bem.Vença Believe in yourself, Fight for you and not against you, be honest, fair and have the best character is OLLECTION either feliz.Abraços, have the courage to admit you did something wrong.


she is only charge with misdemeanor,and it is not a serious crime that is why her lawyer opted for home confinement not jail time which is legally allowed because she is not a violent person (only quarrelsome when bored),i hope this legal mess will serve as wake up call for her,, to seriously consider enrolling in law degree(Harvard Law School),,to depend herself and other less fortunate people of their rights and liberty...anyway she is very intellectual smart and has very analytical skills,,Lindsay desperately needs a good adviser,,because her family does not care to advise her because she is sometimes stubborn and thinks she is always right...


How exactly does one go from a 6 month jail sentence to 1 month at home? If it were any one of us I'm sure they would have found room in jail. Lindsay is not learning any lessons from this, all she learned is that she will continue to get no punishment (ok, no real punishment) for whatever she does. Unbelieveable.


The bitch need to do her time like a big girl the bitch drunk n did drugs like a big girl.....the bitch is full of shit


The legal system is a joke. If she were some run of the mill bogan (and not a celebrity), her ass would be locked up. Do the crime, do the time. Oh, unless your name is Lindsay. Or Paris for that matter.


Lindsay,, must go back to school,,study LAW Degree, this is where her most strong intellectual, creative and analytical skill will excel, she is gifted with 120% I.Q, higher than ordinary person, she should not associate with wrong opportunistic people ,most of the time she is misunderstood by people but she values integrity and has strong spirituality. she should avoid stubbornness..she surely be a good lawyer or politician someday,,I wish her success in this field!!


Lindsay, is a highly intellectual woman (120%I.Q. over an average ordinary person)she can excel in Law, Education, or any other profession that makes use of her intellectual and analytical skills, she is a hard working woman, but when bored she is quarrelsome. she has strong spiritual value, but often misunderstood by people, she must not associate with people who can influence her to negative things like drugs, and other bad vices. Now, she must focus on her success and dreams, which will provide her financial stability and fame. She has also good business skills. Money management is one of her strong points, Hope Lindsay, will work things for her betterment, anyway she is still young and plenty of time to manuever,,,she must go back to school, study LAW degree,,I pray for her SUCCESS!!

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