Lindsay Lohan Films Online Ad During House Arrest

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Lindsay Lohan cannot even do community service while under house arrest ... but that doesn't mean the girl can't work and get paid if work comes to her!

Last weekend, the actress shot a commercial for Internet penny auction site Beezid (dot) com from the confines of her oceanfront condo. Not a bad gig.

Lohan was originally offered $25,000 for the job, but turned that down. At some point, the two eventually came to terms for an undisclosed amount.

All for about 10 seconds of work, while she should be behind bars for stealing a necklace. The criminal justice system at work, ladies and gentlemen:


Too bad, the people that won't be visiting Beezid. I get awesome deals there, but I learned how to do it right. Just takes time and research, I guess. Love Lindsay. You go girl!


She could DRIVE a busload of kids off a bridge and some idiots would still support her just like the idiot football fans still support Michael Vick. Another useless piece os shit!


While we get benefit from her taxes it's ok. That's why America is great!


Make ur money however u can but bring ur "party lifestyle" from a 10 to a 2...Lindsay looks like she's dying from the inside out... She's 24 and looks like she's 40/50...


THANK YOU Michael! The woman could save a bus full of school kids from driving into the Grand Canyon and her haters would still find a way to put her down for it.


I would absolutely, positively NOT use ANY product endorsed by this ID10T.


Easy life, won't ever be visiting the site of Beezid. Whatever she recommends I will avoid because her opinion means nothing. Looks like a career hitting desperation time.


Um, we don't actually know for sure that she ever stole the necklace(at least not intentionally) dumbass! Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are the ones that deserve to be behind bars, NOT Lindsay!


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