Lindsay Lohan Blames Dirty Booze Test on Tea

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In the end, it doesn't even matter that Lindsay Lohan's failed alcohol test the other day even occurred. Probation department personnel shouldn't have even been testing her, the judge ruled, and alcohol is legal. Case closed.


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    @shadia5368 stop making seucexs for her. Oh I'm depressed my life has been fucked up from birth is that any validation for going out and shooting 20 people!!!??? What your saying from what I'm reading is that because her life has been scripted she doesn't know how to handle herself? She seems like she might have a little sense when it comes to her counting her money! Well is it Shadia5368. If you believe so then what a strange and sad world you live in..GET REAL!!!


    i am getting so sick of hearing her shiz. If you keep lying enough it does not make it true. She is not going to admit she needs help and until she does there is nothing anyone can do for her.


    Tea? What a pathetic excuse


    You people need to learn to read. Her probation on alcohol was up in Fed 2011, Which means she can drink if she chooses, The Probation department screwed up in not knowing that. SO who gets blamed in this case She does., which is wrong, Even if she got drunk at home, it was NOT part of the house arrest. Grow up you morons and learn to read before you criticize her for something you know nothing about.


    lilo needs to b scrwed in jail c despretly needs rehab


    @ Lindsay,

    Please take a few lessons in hang gliding, and GET LOST!!


    As usual,the celebrity gets off. Any normal person would have been in jail by now. Thanks to high paid attorneys, the judges, and others who benefit from her infamy and money who will be responsible when this self-centered woman kills someone. It is sad that she does not have anyone who loves her enough to enforce healing habits and expectations upon her. Her enablers perpetuate the self-destructive behaviors.


    Go figure. These celebrities need to be accountable not a slap on the wrist. It gets sickening to hear this crap.

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