Lindsay Lohan Off the Hook Despite Failed Test; Actress Not in Violation of Probation Terms

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Lindsay Lohan will not go to jail despite failing an alcohol test this month, and the reason why is simple: She's not actually barred from doing so.

Judge Stephanie Sautner ruled that the prior judge in the case, Elden Fox, had only required controlled substance testing from January 3-February 25.

Short story: LiLo's no longer required to submit to testing, period, and even when she was, her probation only disallowed controlled substances.

Lohan in Court, Take 239

Alcohol is a legal substance, so even if she did test positive this month, it doesn't matter, according to her legal wizard, Shawn Chapman Holley.

Probation officers cannot test Lindsay for drugs or alcohol anymore, as there is no court order allowing random testing ... even though it just happened.

Apparently, they had been doing so erroneously.

As long as she doesn't leave the house, drive or do drugs, Miss "I'm clean for life" can booze all she wants now. So ... crack open some more wine?

Judge Sautner said Lindsay is now restricted for the remainder of her house arrest to one friend at a time at her Venice loft, in addition to family.

There will be no more house parties allowed at her pad, however, and Sautner did admonish Lindsay for showing "extremely poor judgment."

To say the least. Aside from making a mockery of the justice system with this house arrest nonsense, it doesn't say much about her willpower.

Sautner asked Lindsay if she wanted to get on with her life. She replied, "Yes I do." The actress remains under house arrest through June 29.

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She is nothing more or nothing less than common white trash.


Why does it always look like her breasts are so low? She's a young woman. They shouldn't be hanging that low on her chest.


i don't know why star's in Hollywood are full of trouble

Avatar least she'll be home drinking and partying whenever she wants where it's safe and out of trouble. If you're gonna get drunk and party out, do it at home.


None of these count sessions matter in the long run; if she doesn't change her life, the drugs and slcohol will KILL her. It's as if she is put her gun to her head and blowing her brains all over the place. People can change but BOTH alcohol and drugs destroy the body over time. I am a nurse; I have seen 20,30and 40 yr old pt, bodies wasting away, brain is gone so confused they do know what day it is, they look years older then they are and they ussually go into multiple system and die or live the rest of their years in a nursing incont, needing fed and with many decubs. Life is a gift and she is throwing it away!


Lindsey may be off the hook with the judge, but what does this speak to her sobriety. Is she doing the Charlie Sheen at home rehab? This party girl needs to change her lifestyle if she is every going to revive her career. Not an expert on Lindsey Lohan, but would think her alcohol abuse is more than partying, but a real addiction problem.


I don't understand why she was being tested for alcohol in the first place. On a theft charge? What?


So much for my speculation that she would end up in the cooler. It seems that the law continues to be on her side!!


I really do hope she can stay clean & sober. But as long as she continues to surround herself with people that drink & do drugs, she will backslide, regardless of how loudly she says she wont.


Nice "TAN IN A CAN" spray job....forgot your hands genius?


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