Lindsay Lohan: Hittin' the Bottle Again?!

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Lindsay Lohan has been hitting the bottle. Hard.


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    just drink 1 or 2 a day is still ok but 7? i cant even stand drinking my favourite drink 7 bottles a day...common u are so close dont give up...get back on track and start living life again


    hey give Lindsey a break. maybe the first time was peer presure then she was addicted to it. i bet someone slipped the necklace into her purse then took the security tape and sold it for money. just give her a break. you people are harsh.


    personally, what i think is her self esteem level is lower than it used to be. she is looking for the attention she used to have when she had the fame & fortune. now that her life fell off of the tracks, she is trying to get her life together. yeah if she stoled the necklace or not, ppl shouldnt have to judge her bc of that. maybe she didnt steal it, and the store is trying TOO make money for it. or she did and they sold the tape for the money. either way you put it theres always two sides to a story and video(proof) does not lie... and fyi: im not on her side or the owner of the store side. the store was wrong for doing that and should be charged for selling evidence. if they was smart they would have made a copy... hellooooo


    Ook i think she is drinking for attention, this is what i would do , NOT.


    i don't dout it she is such a loser anyway she needs to go jump off the cliff and be done with it because noone is going to hire her to work or go to jail for good.


    Is no one telling her not to do these things? I mean really,what she's drinking is legal and all but is no one advising her to err on the side of caution here or does she just not listen? Seems like she has a great lawyer she's likely paying a huge amount of money to. Why won't she listen to her? I'm sure she has been told time and time again what she has to do but just won't do it. Put her in jail,she will have no choice but to do as she is told then.


    Put this stupid mouth hooker in jail already. She is as useful as a bag of wet farts and as talented as a cum stain. Fuck her and her orange cigarette of a mother.

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