Teen Mom Tussle: Amber Portwood "Despises" Jenelle Evans, All She "Stands For"

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From one Teen Mom loose cannon to another ... some harsh words!

If anyone would be sympathetic to the new season's train wreck Jenelle Evans, you'd think it would be Amber Portwood, who's had her share of "issues."

Not the case. Instead of reaching out to Jenelle, Amber says she "despises" Evans' wild ways, calling her an "idiot" whose situation is nothing like her own.

"I pretty much despise what she stands for," Amber Portwood says.

Jenelle Evans (left) shouldn't expect any support from Amber Portwood.

"She's an idiot and I don't care if people know or not," she adds. "I literally have worked my ass off because of this whole battery thing to make sure I keep my daughter. They [MTV] shouldn't put her on, it's embarrassing!"

Tell us how you really feel, Ambs.

In all seriousness, Jenelle is unfit to be a mom, a fact that she admits. That fact and her perceived apathy are likely what irks the "passionate" Amber.

What Jenelle "stands for" in Amber's mind is not giving a $h!t. That's our take. We're not saying Portwood should talk, but that's where she's coming from.

Evans' baby Jace is being taken care of by Jenelle's own mom, Barbara. That woman seems borderline insane in her own right, but it's an improvement.

Jenelle will appear in court April 14, on charges relating to her arrest for alleged breaking and entering and marijuana possession back in October 2010.

Portwood faces felony battery charges for her televised attack on her baby girl's father, Gary Shirley. Maybe they can split the legal bills or something.

In the meantime, Amber is fighting Gary like hell to keep her daughter while Jenelle stumbles around hung over and kalls out Kim Kardashian. Good times.


OMG. Amber, you have go to be joking! Not only is Jenelle messed up, but so are YOU! All I can say right now is that those poor, poor babies (Leah and Jace)! Leah is living w/ Amber, who just fights with Gary about random stuff! and poor, poor jace:(. Not only does his mom have poor anger management, but so does his grandma. It makes me mad how Barbara is having custody of jace only to piss jenelle off even more and more. She's not doing this to help her b/c it looks to me that SHE'S USING HIM AS A PUNISHMENT FOR JENELLE! Way to help ur troubled daughter, babs.


Who is Amber to judge Jenelle? Amber is the biggest idiot of them all. Atleast Jenelle admits she needs to change & that she wasn't ready to grow up, Amber on the other hand is in complete denial! I think Jenelle has a better chance to become a better mother & to change her life around 100%. In my opinion, Amber has no chance of ever being liked by society & will always be looked at as a trashy, psychopathic bitch. She's the idiot & has no room to talk about Jenelle being a bad mom. What a stupid bitch...


OMG!!! Amber you started the whole bad teen mom gig!! You are what made a bad name for teen moms. All you ever do on your scenes is cuss and wear pounds of makeup, hit gary!! You are no better than Jenelly, if anything yall should be best buds!!!


POT MEET KETTLE! Amber is as big a loser as Janelle. She has no RIGHT to call jenelle out. And the sad thing is these poor babies are suffering because their moms are idiots! Both very pretty girls no doubt but they are morons


I think Jennell would be just fine if the pre judgments from others (like anyone) would be more positive. I only see her re-acting to everyone. I wish Jennell will take out a little time to look a all of the past shows and be very objective to how she preceives them. Jennell was very young and just wants some postive feedback that matters. I understand this totally. Unfortunally, the only one that can make your thoughts positive is you. Your mother can help with by stop being so negitive.


Both girls have problems.Jenelle only cares about herself she's been given too many chances and her mom is just crazy but atleast she cares about the baby.


Im not sure about these girls!! Jenelle has alot of growing up todo.. Her mom is a Bitch!! Amber just needs to get shit straight in her life an she would be a great mom I think!! I dont for see Jenelle ever getting her son back!! Which is very SAD!!!


Neither is fit to be a mom... However, at least Amber is trying. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for Jennelle. She needs to have a hard hit of reality. Her mom needs to quit enabling her by letting her come back home whenever she needs an out. She should not be allowed to see Jace, at all until she gets her life together and goes to rehab.


i used to like watching this show but 16 and pregnant and teen mom should be banned from mtv is just making money off these stupid immature ass trashy no respect for adults or there parents or themselves,slutty girls dumb enough to open there legs and get pregnant it used to be educational now its just trashy and sleazy and makes other girls think they too can beat up there bf's, get knocked up, and be sluts, do drugs go to jail party all night, live with there person and make them raise there kid and show them no respect, and get paid for it and be on tv it is wrong on so many levels and sends the wrong message to teen girls.and it makes all teen moms look bad to me and the world.


How anybody can expect that jenell is going to be a good mother if in her house everything is wrong, she made tons of mistakes but her mom just start to yell at her all the time, if I would live like that i would want to erase myself too

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