Jenelle Evans to Kim Kardashian: Why R U Famous?

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Boning. That's why Kim Kardashian is famous. Ray J tagging it on tape.

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    Kim is famous for having alot of money jenelle is famous from a reality show. Both r ridiculous.


    WOW! I am absolutely amazed at how people judge other people so harshly. Is this seriously how you all spend you time by downing young girls and actresses. As for Janelle she's a young mom that's struggling and is making some poor decisions. So what? Who is anyone to judge her? Would you like it if someone were constanly judging you for your poor decisions? Let's face facts at some point in everyones lives we make decisions we're not proud of. As for Kim, she gets paid, why does it matter how she got famous? Who cares! This is such petty non-sense.


    esther, hi jenelle, let your mom keep your babby boy, because she got,custody.may god bless yall.


    I was never into watching Teen Mom, but something about Jenelle has always made my head turn (and not in good way), from this episode i'm watching right now where she steals her moms credit cards, leaves her son with her mom and goes on a joyride to New Jersey, probably to buy some more weed for her selfish smoking habit, and comes back and screams in her kids face to her mom. It's bullshit, im not even seeing half of this show and i realize how much of an irresponsible mother she is. .. I just watched a scene with Kailin or whatever where the parents couldn't even stand to defend their own positions when their two selfish kids are arguing about moving their shit out of the ex boyfriends house. What is it with people! The situation doesnt involve the parents, they should even be able to be handling a horrible situaton like that with their dignity, not slamming doors and crap.


    you all needed to stop talking about jenlle evens because i no that all of you are a bad mom to so stop talking about the girl ok.


    i think jenelle is just trasy and is trying to start prombles for attention and that alot of people are jealous of kim. Just cause you guy arnt famous or as pretty as her. And if her boobs are fake or watever? Most guys still want her probally your man does too.


    wow >> first of all there is no comparison between janelle and kim. Janelle needs to quit being so dam selfish and take care of her baby. i wonder if she know how terrible of a mother she seems on the show. kim ia a grown ass woman, making monday?? god knows for what??lol But with a body like that who the hell wouldnt wanna make money for it !!!


    Wow Janelle, youre so smart for figuring out that she's famous for her sex tape. wheres ur cape CAPTAIN OBVIOUS?? But it's not just because of her sex tape, its cause she's the most beautiful girl in the world and she's super sweet. And her music is pretty ok. Why do u gotta be a hater? Just because she's prettier than u are. Get over it. Get a life.


    Jenelle Evans, dude, that show you're on sucks. Sorry to say. Makes me think, why are you famous again?

    Oh yeah, I remember now. Because you couldn't stop yourself from spreading your legs and had a kid. Seriously, if you're "Not ready to be a mom," Try A) Not opening your legs, or B) using proper protection. It's not hard to figure out, dear. You and Kim got famous for the same reason: spreading your legs and not thinking about the consequences. The only difference is that nowadays, Kim's got other things going for her, and people are actually interested in Kim for things OTHER than the mistake she made. The only thing you'll ever be known for is "that trashy teen mom from that overrated MTV show." The way I see it, you've got no room to talk, honey. :/


    I can tell all of u are stupid young girls who have no idea of what is it is 2 b a good person making n her world? All u know is hate, jealousy, and go open your legs 2 any boy. U don't know how 2 wash your ass, thats why you have a baby. Go get on welfare, that is all u are good for?!

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