Teen Mom Fight Instigator Speaks Out

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The violent side of Jenelle Evans wasn't the only reason this Teen Mom 2 star gave a vicious beatdown to Britany Truett last week. She was also pushed into her enemy. Literally.

Now, Brittany Maggard, the girl who gave Jenelle the shove that propelled her toward Truett, has spoken out about her motivation behind the incident. Give her credit for honest, at least.

"Jenelle wanted to go and fight Britany because of something with her man," Maggard tells TMZ. "She was scared and wouldn't go fight by herself so I went to help her out."

Jenelle Evans, Mother

Fights with her mom are suddenly the least of Jenelle Evans' worries.

Added Maggard, who has been arrested along with Evans and Truett: "I instigated it, but what the hell are we supposed to do? I wanted to see them fight!

"I'm pissed, though, because I went down to help her out, we both ended up in jail, she got bailed out before me and when I called her to get me out, she didn't come."

The nerve of some people. Some majorly troubled, in-need-of-assistance, by-no-means-worthy-of-the-fame/money-that-accompanies-a-reality-show people. 


I've never seen girls over the age of 15 fight like that. Immature white trash pieces of SHIT.


well jeneele is stupid for fighting over a gy that only gets her into trouble . her first priotie is her baby & thats all she should be worried about yee digg moms these daiss if you dunn want a baby then dunn open up your legs doesnt matter how old or young you are its your responsiblitie your baby . im totally against ebortions too so jenelle get your shyt staright if not for you for your bbabby. !


well hopefully this ewill seal the deal that the judge will never give her back her son jace she is a loser needs to grow up and face reality hopefully she will get jail time off this. her mom needs to stop being there to bail her out of trouble i know she means well but honestly janelle needs help and her mom isnt helping at all. she needs to learn about life and needs to get a life. all these young moms that have a child and then do what she has down need to have there legs sewn shut stio producing babies until your not a baby yourself anymore


I dont think that there is a need to slander the young mom that terribly. Janelle has alot of issues she definetly needs to work out. Hopefully for her and most of all her sons sake she will see she needs to change and make things right. Some times it takes hitting rock bottom to realize what she really has. Her back ground has alot to do with why she is the way she is. But she is the only one that can change. I do think her mother needs to STOP letting her back in when she kicks her out, and bailing her out of the trouble she finds her self in. That is just enabling her and making her think she can keep doing the things she is doing. She reallly needs to get back on track and get rid of the boy friend. She obviously has problems feeling alone and fills the void doing the things shes doing and being around the people she chooosees to associate with. GET BACK ON TRACK! ALL THAT SHOULD MATTER IS JACE. I pray she sees the light soon.


@calico.cat i agree with yu i dnt understand y kids blame it on there parents yu make yur own choices which u will have to live with for the rest of yur lifes! stop blaming ur parents for the piece of crap life of they have !


Young juvenile delinquents, still have oatmeal around their mouths,
and have the audacity to fight over a guy, who probably don't mean any of them a d@amn bit of good!!


@calicocat88::ur right i agree with u $_$


WoW! i really wish Jenelle wuld just think about her son, he should be the most important thing in her life


WOW!!! Thats truly a hot mess foreal.why is the girl mad?? shes like what was I suppose to do,I wanted to see them fight?? Jenelle just needs to hang out with some better people and get her life together.she was going in the right direction i think until she met keifer.she just needs to worry about her son at this point


Don't EVER blame Janelle's mother for Janelle Ruining her own life. The stupid teen decided on her own to have a baby and abandon him for a piece of shit like keifer , Jace will live the rest of his life hearing what a Stupid Useless Mother he has from People all over the world and His own freakin Grandmother. Kudos to Janelle's mom for keeping the kid alive when It seems his mother is too selfish to do so. she most likely will end up in jail and Die a Dirty used up Whore!!!

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