Jenelle Evans: Arrested for Videotaped Assault

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The combination of peer pressure and a raging, violent temper has landed Jenelle Evans in trouble with the law again.

The Teen Mom 2 star was arrested last night for her part in a brawl with Britany Truett, an absolute pummeling that was actually captured on film.

Jenelle Evans Mug Shots

Following charges pressed by Truett, Oak Island Police booked Evans into Brunswick County Jail late Sunday evening for assault and "affray for fighting." She was then released soon afterward on bond.

"Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up," Jenelle's lawyer hilariously tells TMZ, considering the rumble was caught on camera and Evans clearly throws the first punch.

Meanwhile, police had a warrant for the man over whom Britany and Jenelle were fighting, Kieffer Delp. He was also arrested at Evans' home and booked on cocaine-related charges.

UPDATE: Truett has also been arrested and charged with simple affray, while another 18-year-old, Brittany Nichole Maggard, was charged with simple assault.

Evans is due in court onApril 26 to answer these charges, which is just the latest in a long line of court dates:

  • She's scheduled to appear on April 14 for a hearing on drug charges and breaking and entering.
  • And also on April 29 on yet more counts of breaking and entering, injury to real property, trespassing and making harassing phone calls in separate cases.

not surprised....smh


Are you kidding me Rhonda? no . Jenelle is going through a rough time obviously. Dont EVER wish for Jace to be taken away. thats fucked up yo'


wonder why janelle is messed up just look at her mother instead of talking like an adult to her she is always cutting her down.
yes janelle is no angel far from it Kiefer is Bad Bad news
hopefully this will get her to wake up mom i hope you do as you said and kick her ass to the curb take jace away from her and give him to some one who is not a Phyco like yourself


I'd like to know more about Jenelle's informative years. Where is her father? Jail? Drugs? Why..Why..Why.. Barbara & Jenelle Are You Two Yelling..cursing & fighting in front of an innocent BABY? Jace is already showing very clear signs of anger while U two NIT-WITS are acting STUPID!! I hope U two replay your shows on slow motion and really.. REALLY see into that sweet little innocent face of Jace!! OMG YOU 2 are just killing us!! STOP IT .. Jace is already AFFECTED.. and please please look for some help .. help is around.. u just need to realize this situation is way too big for you's to handle alone. Start by getting free help from a church .. i promise, knock on a church door begging for assistance in living a better life , IF YOU LOVE JACE ENOUGH.. I am praying hard for Janelle, Barbara and Jace


Jeanelle this not a surprise coming from you. What next. I blame your mom tho.Do what you gotta do, get your attention from any way you can. Soon you realize your mom is a nutbag.


These ppl r funny...druggie? Lol...ididnt see her bangin a cc of h into her arm...


Surely she has to realize what she is doing to her Mother and son, but some people don't consider how their actions will affect anyone else in this world. Nonetheless, they should not cancel the show, maybe just not tape her story anymore. But drama brings in the viewers.


for somenoe who wants dereson back is not doing a good job of showing it...............i hope she never gets her son back......if she does he might grow up being like her god dont let that happen


I am truly astonished that in a world of 6+ billion people. that nobody see what a waste of energy this is. Besides the fact that if we all are at fault, whether by inaction or just plain slothfulness, yes I'm talking too all of you how think that sitting on a couch watching TV is going too change the world 4 the better. .


no offense ,but to the ones who stand on barbaras side seriously where do you think jeanelle got her problems from and thats the one gonna raise jace imagine him at 16 ,both need couseling and need to learn to speak to each other rather then scream ,if there gonna scream at each other they should at least go outside away from the baby,i agree barbara is doing a good thing raising jace hes not in the system cuz most of us know that aint always a good place.keiffer for real i think she could do better then a thrashy bum who dont wanna work but then most girls like that kind of guy

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