Teen Mom Throwdown: Jenelle Evans PUMMELS Britany Truett

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Jenelle Evans has found a way to make Amber Portwood look stable.

The Teen Mom 2 star got into it with some girl named Britany Truett this week, and you can't even call it a catfight - it's a one-sided, violent beating.

With her loser friends cheering (and apparently filming) and yelling "get 'er" and "that's what you get," Jenelle Evans laid into Britany again and again.

Seriously, she landed like 20 blows to the face as Brit shrieked in pain.

TOO FAR: This fight was over REAL fast, but Evans kept at it.

It's not quite clear what prompted this, but Jenelle, 19, clearly instigated it, spewing nasty insults before throwing down and pounding her senseless.

After repeated shots to the face, with Britany bleeding and unable to defend herself, one of Jenelle's idiot friends finally restrains her out-of-control ass.

Sources close to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend. You can watch the video here, but it's more disturbing than funny.

We'd lawyer up if we were Jenelle. And get a psych consult.


im 18 and have a one year old daughter, i dont even do this hahaha, stupid moms these days esp. if your partying with your child


Lmfao. I'm a young mom (19) and I smoke weed and fight. The only thing that is different for me is I'm not on a reality show. This is normall. I go out and party. Who cares? Jenelle and i r still young and hey. YOLO


She is a disgrace, she has been given chance after chance to change and each time she fucks up again.
Shame she didn't do us all a favour and od, poor jace having that as a roll model!! She is a fucking phsyco crack head whore, she deserves all the bad shit that comes her way, for the way she conducts herself
MTV should drop her like a stone, and stop encouraging her vile behaviour, she needs to stay behind bars for her sons safety, I wouldnt trust her with no one or nothing she is evil personified


Jenelle, doesn't even deserve to breath the same air as me. I to became a Mom at 17. I grow up and took care of my son. She is a piece of shit that deserves nothing but being put behind bars. I to was hoping she was really going to change for the better when she got into college and got a job but boy didn't she mess that up real quick. I am so glad her mother has Jace. That baby really deserves anyone other then Jenelle. I could never choose drugs and a piece of shit boy of my son. I really don't think she should be on Teen Mom anymore. She needs to women up and take care of her son if they ain't going to put her behind bars. That poor baby already don't have a father. I hate Jenelle, she is by far the worse parent in the world. She is nothing but a white trash drug head ho..


Jenelle your a stupid cunt, i don't think anyone has failed as a person as hard as you. You should honestly just kill yourself before your sons old enough to realize what a pathetic piece of shit his mother is.


WOW Come on ya'll She a what everyone has done when they were young. Period and if you say you didnt you a lie. Come on Stop being so Hard on her Yes I watch the show and yes she should grow up and be more responsible for her child but this fight has nothing to do with her parenting. The child is not there. and We all have gotten into fight SHE HANDLED HER BUSINESS DO IT GIRL

@ ReneeD

I was certainly never in a physical altercation and never would !!! And I am not a liar! Physical fighting is for unrefined, low-class scum who cannot use their brain to solve conflicts.


yes, jannelle handled the situation wrong, and i'm not saying it's right what she did, but she didn't do it alone.... she is still a stupid kid w/ alot to learn..and at her age ..peer pressure is huge.... she had all these ppl literally pushing her into the fight... if janelle goes down... that girl pushing her and all the bystandars encouraging it should get charged w/ something too.


@ Rachel, of course we have all at one point in time made a complete fool of ourself ova a dude. BUT we not in the public eye. However she is, and from now own she will be seen as a problem maker, rude person, etc. This will affect her getting a great job, getting into a great school etc. Look at Amber, she was hated and prolly still is hated for the things she did to Gary and fighting in front of her little gurl, the tate wanted to take her child away. Janell needs to look at that and understand what can really ruin her life, if it hasnt already have.


sorry I got your child name wrong hun..little Jase..but still..Get the big gurl draws out and put the little gurl panties away!!!


It might not be the right way to handle it, but I'd do the same thing. You dont know what you'd do when it has to do with someone you love, or loved. And I guarantee atleast 50% of the girls on here, bashing on janelle, at some point in their life had drama over a guy.
I love Janelle and I think she's a very entertaining person, but she's just a girl like everyone of us, that had her heart broken. Y'all need to get off her back.

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