Jessica Biel: Devastated By Justin Timberlake Split?

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One of the most private, talented and beautiful celebrity couples in the world, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, are officially over. Done. Kaput.

No, for real this time. Their reps have even confirmed it.

While the stars insist, via their reps, that the breakup was amicable, an E! source says Justin did the breaking up and Jessica Biel is "devastated."

So Happy Back Then

A friend of Biel's denies this report, adamantly too.

"Jessica is not devastated," said a friend. "That's just crap. She's a very independent, proud woman with her own career, she's fine." Good to hear.

In any case, the two have been battling breakup reports - and rumors of him cheating with Olivia Munn, among others - for quite a long time now.

More likely, they simply grew apart. These things do happen with love, even if there's no huge scandal or third party. We wish them both the best. 

P.S. Call us, Jessica. You know, if you need someone to talk to.

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she kept pestering him to marry her, but I don't think he ever wants to get married because it would prevent him from seeing other women, he's a rock star living the rock star life, no need for monogamy.


time jessica found a real man who is not marriage shy she deserves one. she is so good looking and fit,


Poor thing 4get about him,he is not worth it.


well taylor switf might break up with the glee guy and hit up on justin and make a hit song


He cheated on Cameron Diaz with her.what did she expect? Whatever seed u sow,u must reap.feel for her though.


Poor Jessica...but also, good for her. It always seemed to me from interviews, that she was more in love with Justin than (the ever reportedly cheating) Justin was with her. Justin did a good thing in letting her go to find someone who'll truly reciprocate her love. Jessica, you're beautiful and you'll find someone else in no time!

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