Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel: It's Over!

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Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are back on the market. The couple broke up for good recently, according to sources close to the former couple.

The couple's reps released a joint statement confirming the split.

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Of what is being called a mutual decision, "The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other."

The two had been dating since 2007.

A source close to the pair adds that "there are no hard feelings," and that "it was completely mutual and they both decided it was time to move on."

It's unclear what finally pushed The Social Network and A-Team stars to the brink, but there had been rumors of trouble in paradise for some time.

Don't expect either side to elaborate much. The very private couple always kept their personal lives and whatever drama there was to themselves.

We wish them both the best, and don't expect either will be single long. Just a hunch. There are worse looking, less cool, poorer people out there.


Good one...... XD He's gonna date me soon hahahhahaha


Hollywood style. we will soon see him with Milla Kunis! frankly Jessica was a bore, but JT is also nothing. they just love your money!


if a guy in Hollywood dumps you for a later model (like JT dumping Cameron for Jessica) shrugged it off and move on. give them time and it will be over soon. hey Cam, you didn't have to feel jealous when JT left you, see Jessica is the one crying now. and honestly JT isn't even goodlooking. ladies likes him for his money. plus i don't think he is good in the suck either


they never seemed right together anyway..she's just blah..he can do better than her anyday...he should look outside of hollywood and find somebody not in the public eye..I think that would make him happier..go JT ♥


He's just confused. I guess he still has Britney at heart cos i see no reason why he left Jessica,Cameron was understandable but not Jessica. Well,we were not in the relationship with them so all we can do it speculate the reason of their split. I hope they get a better partner soon.


really? really. we've got alot more problems than to be so concerned how the self indulgent pathetic children of Hollywood run their lives.....recession anybody? Japan? Hello? Hello? Anybody out there?


like he ever stopped dating other women, lol


i can't believe they broke up well i know that taylor swift is thinking about breaking up with the glee guy and hitting up on justin to make a hit song for jessica i feel so bad because he did the same thing to cameon i love jessica she is so pretty and shes aa good role model .


To me they were never a good fit. You hardly ever saw them together. It was as if they both went their own way in this relationship. Justin definitely has a problem with commitment or he has just not found the ONE yet. He has had two georgeous women in his life who appeared to have everything. What is he look for exactly? Well it won't take long for Jessica to find someone else who is more mature and will want to be seen with her. I have always thought that Justin is a kid in a man's body and I have never understood what women see in him. He is not exactly goodlooking, does not have a good body especially with those chicken legs of his and his hair is like coir. I am sure that he is a great guy but I wonder if women like him for who he is or his money?


i'm not at all surprised. they never did seem right together.

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