Justin Timberlake: Cheating on Jessica Biel? With Olivia Munn?

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Justin Timberlake abhors being the subject of tabloid speculation, even when the gossip is fairly vanilla. This latest report may send him into a rage.

According to Us, he cheated on girlfriend Jessica Biel - with Olivia Munn!

The two supposedly engaged in a three-night love tryst while his lady was far away. Is this story far away from the truth? Spot on? In between? We can't say.

Justin Caught Cheating?

MUNN AND DONE: Is TimberBiel's relationship on shaky ground?

For what it's worth, Jessica Biel, along with Eva Mendes and Rachel Weisz, premiered her short films in Hollywood last night at the Glamour Reel Moments event.

Justin was in town, but was a no-show at her big premiere.

A source close to the still-together duo explained that The Social Network star didn't want to the steal the thunder from Jess in front of the press on "her night."

We can buy that ... but you can't help but wonder if there's trouble in paradise. On the flip side, maybe Us is venturing into In Touch territory lately. Stay tuned.


Justin is amazing and can have anyone he wants. He needs to leave Jessica and go back to Cameron Diaz!


Jessica Biel is 100x more beautiful than that other girl! The other ones looks kinda... trampy (I've seen other pics)


You're a bunch of morons. Jessica Biel migh be one of the top 10 hottest girls on the planet. That being said, Munn is hot as hell too. God bless the kid. Tap 'em both out.


Is anyone in Hollywood faithful. I think that since its expected its tolerated.


well what do ya expect shes ugly as fuck


Play on Playa!! She let him so she deserves every bit of heartache he causes her! Sorry Jess the truth hurts!!


He is such a PLAYA...Not a big Jessica fan but hse would be better off without him.


Justin, go back to britney!!!


Jessica should have kicked him to the curb a long time ago, he has lost all respect for you and will never marry you!! Get over it! Whether or not he did Olivia he probably has before with someother girl.

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