The Last Days of Michael Jackson: Scared, Sedated

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It goes without saying at this point, but Michael Jackson did not go out on a high note in 2009. Stress, desperation and medication were all taking their toll.

The star was so worried he couldn't perform his 50 London concerts, he worried out loud that promoter AEG would cut him loose and he'd have nothing left.

To illustrate just how stressed out he was, he would wonder aloud if he, one of the richest entertainers in history, would end up working at McDonald's.


NOT OKAY: Michael Jackson was exhibiting all the warning signs.

Karen Faye, Michael's hairstylist for a quarter century, was interviewed by LAPD detectives days after MJ died, and described some of his innermost fears.

Faye told cops, "He was scared to death because AEG was funding everything. He said he would have to work at McDonalds if he didn't do these shows."

Faye also said she felt Michael was "self-sabotaging" with drugs because Jackson couldn't do all 50 shows and was in dire need of psychological help.

Others have speculated he was too weak to perform for years.

He was losing so much weight, his close friend said, "I thought he was under the influence of something." She points to his personal doctor as a source.

Not Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician on AEG's payroll who stands trial for involuntary manslaughter. She's talking about MJ's old friend, Dr. Arnold Klein.

Faye says Michael's assistant told her he was seeing Dr. Arnold Klein 3-4 times a week and was exhibiting signs of drug use. That's hardly a big stretch.

Days before Michael died, when Jackson seemed to be more lucid, she asked Michael's manager if he knew why Michael had taken a turn for the better.

His response, according to Faye: "'Cause Klein is out of town."

Klein does not face any charges for his treatment of Michael.

Murray, whose defense is likely to argue that MJ was already in a fragile state and did himself in (possibly by chugging Propofol), will be tried in March.


He suppose to be a muslim before he dead.


If you look at pictures of MJ before he died and the movie this it it's obvious that MJ wasn't in good health. Fans who saw MJ before he died said that he wasn't in good shape. Even his sister La Toya who met him two weeks before his death said he was sick. Would his fans and sister lie. Who know if we have seen the right autopsy report. It has been to different autopsy reports out in the media. MJ said it himself : "Just Because it's in print doesn't make it the gospel". Murray also knew MJ was in bad health. That makes what he did to MJ even worse!!


This is so unfair.why can't people leave m.j alone.


This is stupid, all this lucrative media, greed, TMZ $$$ grabbing evil idiots. I hate 'DR. DEATH', he should have his medical license taken off, be charged with manslaughter and neglect, and punished! Also, I hate corporation companies and liers that are TMZ and ones who would cash out on fake stories and false information like this, it's greedy as hell! Don't rape my childhood... Oh, and MJ's dad. Try to have some sympathy over how much of a bad father you were when you supposed to look after MJ, not beat him!


Suzanne, I'm glad you can spell. Courtney, you are right, the autopsy showed MJ was in great health. Why do people forget so quickly? Razlin86, I agree that Michael was NEVER desperate to that extent. Karen Faye is making this up just to get in the News. She's sooooooo disloyal, it hurts. Nobody should give any credence to her hearsay stories about Michael. Dr. Klein is a menace to his profession. Dr. "Murder" KILLED The King of Pop and should be prosecuted to the max!


I could be wrong but I got a feeling that Murray made the phonecall a while after he realized MJ was dead. Then dropping the phone. Alibi call. Think he was gone long before that call. Rigor mortis proves that. But you can only speculate. It is like science fiction. Can't still believe that he is gone. I wonder if the whole truth and nothing but the truth about MJ's death will ever se the light of day.


we'll never what really that night michael died all we know is that dr death wasn't in the room watching him like he was suppose to he went to make a dumb phone call that could have wanted so many lies he told the only detail that is known we know what the EMT saw when they arrive there and bodyguards who stated that dr death didn't know how to do CPR yeah some doctor he is maybe he should have been a male stripper since trying to woo a witness over phone was more important than Michael's life boy if only walls could talk


I've heard that rigor mortis is the reason for MJ's open eyes and mouth. So he had been gone for hours when the bodyguard came into the room.




Here's something to think about, and I am so surprised that nooo one has even thought about this or even questioned the obvious. Michaels security guards have both testified in Court, "That when they saw Michael, as attempts were made to save his life, his Eyes were open as well as his mouth". When you are under sedation, you are out. A sleep. I don't know how anyone who is unconcious can have their eyes open??? Therefore I would assume, Michael suffered a heart attack before any sedative drugs took effect. How terribly sad. How sad that if this Doctor walks without being charged for his crime, I hate to think how I will feel next time I ever need surgery or any other medical treatment.

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