Michael Jackson: Too Weak to Perform For Years?

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As we reported earlier, Dr. Conrad Murray is likely to argue at trial on involuntary manslaughter charges that Michael Jackson killed himself.

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    michael was an angel. he was used for money in a very disgraceful way. dr. murray did not care for him properly. he left the room which never never should have happened. he gave him a drug that should not have been used outside a hospital setting. he was neglectful. therefore guilty of the charge.


    NOT Michaels fault. NEVER his fault. He would never want to harm himself or anyone in any way.
    Its all the doctors fault for allowing him the drugs.


    Are you kidding me? You mean it would actually be ok for a doctor to administer iv sedatives to a patient, leave a lethal dose of propofol laying around within the patient's reach, then leave the room and hope for the best? Is this a joke? Has anyone ever heard of the idea that it's the doctor's responsibility to keep their patient safe while they adminster medication? HELLO!


    don't blame the doctor when it was his fault and only his fault....



    Too bad Murray couldn't have been your mother's doctor a year before you were born, it would have saved us from your pathetic, ignorant little comment. Maybe you did't hear about how the scumbag parents were making their kids tell the fables of what Michael "did" to them, it came out during the trials, after he died many of the sick parents admitted they did it for money. Go fix yourself a Propofol coctail, jacka$$.


    Who gives a crap if the doc killed him - the world is better of without the sick pervert. He drugged and had sex with little boys. Mr. Murray, I will start the petition if you are convicted. The only negatives I see about MJs death are that he is unlikely to be parodied again in Fsmily Guy and South Park, at least not anytime soon.


    Who are they going to put on trial? Dr. Conrad Murray or Robert Earl Carter. They are both the same man. Yes the man that is accused if killing Michael has a alias. You can track his whole other life, including residances,and other real properties. So who is this guy a real doctor or as I've read an actor? It just gets stranger and stranger as Alice would say.


    Jackson didn't die on the "Bad" or "Dangerous" tours, so what difference does it make. The autopsy report listed him as healthy for his age. His liver and kidney were healthy, not a known addict. But if Murray tries to claim he was weak and unable to perform then he has to explain why he didn't do something and failing that why he didn't quit and tell someone what was happening. Sounds like a lie to me.


    who knows what really happened..BUT..In my opinion..if MJ had already been asleep from the drugs the good ole dr administered into him..THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL MJ COULD HAVE ,GROGGLY..AND ADMINISTERED MORE..SO..Dr.KILLdare, in my book you fu****


    Dr. Murray & God knew what happened b4 MJ finally gave up. Murray knew quite well what happened that night our beloved MJ died. Admit u did wrong, and beg the world for 4giveness or else d guilt will always live with u 4 d rest of ur life. Rest in peace MJJ.

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