Dr. Conrad Murray May Argue Michael Jackson CHUGGED Propofol

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Talk about grasping at straws.

Facing involuntary manslaughter charges in the death of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray has to try something when his trial begins in March.

Arguing that Michael's failing health makes it unfair to solely blame the physician? We can see that having some merit. But this is just ridiculous.

According to a new report, Murray's lawyers will suggest that MJ's final, conscious act was to reach for a bottle of Propofol and chug it like soda.

MARGINAL: Murray's theories feel a bit like throwing stuff at the wall.

Dr. Conrad Murray pleaded not guilty to the felony charge last month. How he plans to fight the charge has prompted much speculation and controversy.

In a police affidavit it said that Dr. Murray told police Jackson craved Propofol, an anesthetic, to treat insomnia and referred to the drug as his "milk."

According to anesthesiologist Dr. Barry Friedberg, Murray will argue that "Jackson could have swallowed Propofol" himself with Murray out of the room.

Friedberg says there appears to be a small amount of evidence to support the defense's theory - traces of the drug in the star's digestive system.

During the preliminary hearing, a prosecution witness conceded that it appeared plausible that Michael Jackson "self-ingested" some Propofol.

So it could have gotten there from drinking the sedative. However, that doesn't automatically free Murray from responsibility, even if it is true.

It's a doctor's responsibility to create a "safe environment" and carefully monitor a patient, which could make Murray's version of events irrelevant.

Still, Murray's team feels it has an opening, and that their client cannot be held responsible if Jackson did himself in, which they've long insinuated.

"I'm curious as to how "safe" Dr. Friedberg thinks a doctor must be to prevent a patient from injecting himself or drinking a drug when he leaves the room," Murray's lead defense attorney Ed Chernoff told People.

The pop star's father, Joe Jackson, is among many outraged.

"That's bull$h!t," Joe said. "It's not possible that Michael would do that. The whole family knows – and Michael's fans all over the world know – that this is not true. It's a lie. It's a lie and we're outraged about it."


Enough about Wacko Jacko! Who cares? The doctor should be given a medal for putting down the pedophile.


I'm tired of hearing excuses for the so-called doctor. He is SO guilty, he is wearing it all over his face. We all miss Michael dearly; he was and still is the greatest entertainer of ALL time. We want him back, but can't have him. God is taking care of him now. He wanted to be with his children, why would he even think of trying to kill himself; that is SO absurd ! Love you forever Michael.


Murray keeps changing his story. The prosecution will people bring it help along with the police questioning statement which oringally stated that he gave him the drug


That is not true about mj my god you need to prove in writting and i am a true fan i want justice for mj and that doctor does not shit about medcine which college he went to murder college and he got a degree it want hurting a man that was good and kind and left mj children without a dad and left us fans without our king of pop and he is going to pay what has done and god will make that happen michael dad said the dr lie and he is trying to cover his as why now


The bottom line here is Propofol is for surgery sadation, not a sleeping aid. Propofol is plan old not for home use, so it should have never been in MJ house.


i belive michael did want propofol and put his trust in dr murray to care for him whilst he was under. this stupid doctor cared more for his relationships than he did michael. four years is not enough for murray. put him on death row. WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL X


this charade has been going on since June 25,2009 and still no trial they should have done this over a year ago but no please Michael come back


With the powerful drugs that the doctor use for MJ to sleep,once you fall asleep with that there is no waking up back.that is why it is use in a hospital settiing for doctors to wake the patients back up.He was very careless withMJ life and he should get life in prison.


Dr. Murray seems to think he can make any number of excuses, when there are none. There are no excuses for murder, and according to California law, he meet the criteria for 2nd degree murder which is defined by reckless behavior where it is known there is a 'possibility' of resulting death. If there was any propofol in Michaels stomach, I suspect Dr. Murray had something to do with that as well. interesting to know if there is a way he could have done this to try to cover his sorry cowardly ass. I don't doubt that since Dr. Murray was willing to give him drugs that can be lethal, and then leave the room, he surely was capable of anything. This wasn't poor judgement, this was murder by deliberate and gross malpractice.
Dr. Murray needs to be taken out in the same reckless fashion and the world will celebrate whoever makes this happen.


sorry about the misunderstanding. I meant so say he was in the process of purchasing a house for him and his family. I type faster than I can think, sorry about that confusion.

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