Katy Perry With No Makeup: Revealed on Twitter!

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Katy Perry's a cute girl any way you look at it, but she apparently wasn't a huge fan of this Twitter photo posted by husband Russell Brand.

An image of Mrs. Brand that's not altogether flattering appeared online (and appears below) this weekend. It has since been taken down.

Not a bad way to get on your wife's bad side, fellas ...

Katy Perry Without Makeup

The greatness that is Twitter personified in one photo.

He may be in the doghouse, but props to Russell Brand. Like an album announcement courtesy of Lady Gaga with no pants, this was quite entertaining and gave us genuine insight into their lives, not just what some publicist tells us.

That said, we hope the couch is comfortable tonight.

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HI katyperry I Love your singz


She have another pictures and she still looking prettier then this one


Taylor swift had pics taken without make up and those arent horrible but i am wondering what he was doing with the camera so early and where the rest of the pics are


they should show all celebrities without makeup and than nobody could make fun of anybody


she looks like she is still in bed and probably sick too. she may look a little better not in bed and sick though lol


If u say she looks good in this pic u are not being honest,and that means u think that Moe from the 3 stoogies t.v show is attractive...Be honest, this is proably the reason 4 the divorce.


she looks rough


Katy Perry is still one of the most beautiful women in the world with or without make up on! I don't understand why people fucking care if she's posted without makeup. The reason the photo does not show her at her best is not because she was without makeup it's because people don't understand what real beauty is. And let me tell you something Katy Perry has it!


Oh My Gosh Guys!
If somebody woke you up, you wouldn't be looking your best now would you? Katy Perry is a true inspiration to all of us!


Katy i thought you r just awesome but in this photo you r just lukng disgusting.............

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