Lady Gaga Drops Pants, Album Release Date

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If you love Lady Gaga and hate pants, and frankly those two things are fairly universal at THG world headquarters, you'll enjoy this brief article.

The singer Tweeted the photo of herself taken from the rear. Promoting her upcoming album, she dons a jacket emblazoned with Born This Way.

She is, naturally, wearing no pants OR underwear ...

Lady Gaga Sans Pants

BARE ESSENTIALS: Lady Gaga shows off her assets as she announces when Little Monsters around the world can expect another album full of hit songs.

"The Song 2 13 11. The Record 5 23 11," she Tweeted. "Born This Way" is set to be the first song to be released on the album of the same name.

"I'm beautiful in my way. God makes no mistakes, I'm on the right track baby. I was Born This Way," Gaga wrote, echoing her record's theme.

We were born to get in line 2/13. With no pants. Man those things suck.

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I don't care what anyone says lady gaga is wonderful!!! She is very beautiful and a breathe of fresh air to the music industry! Don't get me wrong i do like rap and listen to it every time u turn on the radio!!! But thanks to gaga we can hear someone singing again!! And to say she copied Madonna is bullshit!!! Madonna could never be copied she is what perfection is about!! But so is gaga!! I love them both and will listen to them till the day i die!! And for anyone that has a problem with gaga outfits or anything eles she does!! Get a fucking life and get over yourself!!!


She has a really great ass! Glad she's keeping it in shape!


That is a real cute butt on a sexy lady, i love it!!


our kids role models/hero's should be our parents/grandparents or at least someone with a good heart and nature not some he/she abomination who has to show us his skinny white mans arse to promote a new album (great role model)
and its hardly original just dirty to look at cause ur not sure what ur looking at!
Herbert Buckingham Khaury was allwayz a better freak than gaga (R.I.P tiny tim)
sorry for any spelling mistakes. and the rambling
(i will not be sorry for any people i upset cause im just being me!)
my hero (Adrian Paul) my role model (Sir David Attenborough)
and just think next time your about to squash that poor little spider or poison that hungry lost rat/mouse it could be someone you once knew just wanting to stay close to you.


Thanks THG for deleting Mark's psycho posts but kinda want to keep it on here so others can see what a freaking creepo he was!! Oh well, be gone with you!


Great, months of hype for her fans, lucky you. Idiot needs to put her pants on and do something original. But that is not going to happen b/c nothing she does is original. You sorry little fools.


Sorry suppose to say TMI~I was too flustered to think straight!!


WOW Mark TIM DUDE!! You are on the wrong website if you are looking to unload!! Not here please!! I think you need a 1-900 stat!


OMG I love Lady Gaga, I am SO excited :D


I love Lady Gaga.I hope this cd is as good as the last one.I kno it will be ;) @Mark no one cares about u jacking off looking at this pic.You dumbass stupid mother fucker

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