Jewish Groups Refudiate Sarah Palin "Blood Libel" Remark

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Sarah Palin's video response to the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords prompted a strong backlash from some members of America's Jewish community. Why?


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    @cheryl: I know it sucks when facts get in the way of a fun argument, but taxes have gone down for 95% of Americans during Obama's term and he just extended the Bush tax cuts to keep taxes at the same rates they've been for all brackets.
    But go ahead and keep believing your own rhetoric. i know it makes you feel superior.


    Null, is completely disengenuous to quote definitions without some context. "Blood libel" was an allegation historically used against Jews to vilify and persecute Jewish communities since the time of Jesus.......

    Sarah Palin is an ignorant and stupid woman, cunning as a fox but with a below room temperature IQ, a very dangerous combination. As my father used to say 'empty vessels make the most noise"!


    you are ignorant to think these words this women is saying are anywhere near offensive. She gets attacked for being the powerful women she is and for her unlike for this president who has proved nothing what so ever except for the fact that he wants to single handed make every descion in government and tell you all lies so you will believe him. Raising taxes so all your money goes to people who aren't even legal in the US? One of the many things that he has done and has no excuse as to the reasoning!


    She is such a f$ching moran, she doesn't even know that if she keeps he stupid ignorant mouth shut people would forget her.


    Now, she opened her mouth again. Be quiet Palin or think before you speak. Bottomline.


    Sarah Palin - joke on wheels. Reality TV wannabe politician. Everything she says takes away any faith that she might have a brain.


    wow....four words for sarah. Put. The. Shovel. Down. Every time she sticks her head in the media (which is every fucking day) she just makes herself look even more dumb than she is. How can people even respect this woman??? she is the biggest joke of a political figure i think the united states of america has ever seen. period.


    Giffords is Jewish. This is the best metaphor she could conger up? Silence is golden Sarah - give it a try. Please.


    I never even heard of this term. Maybe Sarah Palin never heard of it.


    Proof Positive that Palin talks without listening to what she be saying!!

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