Jared Lee Loughner Mug Shot: Released, Disturbing

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With his arsenal of YouTube videos, Jared Lee Loughner has already given us a frightening look into his psyche.

Now, the public has received another look at the 22-year old accused of opening fire in an Arizona supermarket parking lot on Saturday, severely wounding Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and killing six onlookers.

It's his mug shot, and it's equally disturbing.

Jared Lee Loughner Mug Shot

Loughner, who appeared briefly before a judge today, faces five federal charges: one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the United States and two counts of intent to kill employees of the United States.

He's next due in court on January 24.

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That may be the true face of Salvia Divinorum. I was planning to cultivate some, but having second thoughts (while I still can).


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This whole situation is unfortunate. It is not my intention to make light of this situation at all, I just wanted to express an observation. Jared Lee Loughner strongly resembles Uncle Fester.


Loughner resembles Tweetybird Matthews, with an evil Olbermann leer.


wow, his eyes and expession says it all, creepy looking, but its true like lee said above post he must be loving attention, which tells u by his actions of saying, why just answering w and pleaing the 5th adment right, which doesn't make sense he hates the goverment but he can use his adment...okay whatever this world turning upside down...there's alot people disagree w/ the goverment on some things but that doesn't right to kill, espeacially that poor child... and etc.. by standards... R.I.P., And my GOD help families that lost love ones


Lee, I don't think he knows that he's posted on THG site. Plus, it's a huge disturbing story that people want to talk about so I don't see why it can't be discussed. Yes, let the victims rest but this just happened, the shock isn't over yet.


Those eyes. It's right out of a horror flick. I agree with what his friends say about his strange behavior growing stronger with the years. In other pictures he looks "normal". This mug shot is an entirely different story. I know there are a lot of insane people out there that don't go out and blow people away, so how do you predict this type of act, but I think his parents have a lot of explaining to do. He lived with them, they had to have known about all of troubles over the last few years and he supposedly had some type of devil worshiping shrine in the backyard. The guy needed to be in some sort of mental facility but it was just left to grow worse I guess.


wow...his parents must be so proud..if my kids did something like that...i dunno, i might dis own them.what would you do if your kid did something that horrible?


This lunatic deserves to be shot and quartered if not for all the deaths at least that of the little 9 year old girl that was just beginning her life. I have a 10 year old son and can't imagine the pain and loss her parents feel. People like the demon need to be weeded out of society and placed on some island some place together and let them destroy one another then all of the rest of us will be left to live our normal lives in peace. His face needs to stay out of the news because he's getting his own sense of warped fame. He's nothing more than a piece of garbage regurgitated by social networks where he went undetected and ignored. May the victims rest in peace.


What do they always say about eyes being the windows to the soul? How true.

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