Kate Gosselin + Sarah Palin = ZERO Chemistry

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What do you get when you cross a witless bully with a grating diva?

No chemistry, apparently. At least according to a SHOCKING report.

Us Weekly notes alarmingly in its latest issue that Kate Gosselin and Sarah Palin are not exactly best of friends after their mega-TLC crossover TV event.

A source close to Gosselin says she had "zero chemistry" with the former Alaska governor, which whom she filmed an episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska.

"They didn't speak at all off camera," the insider adds. "She said the food and accommodations were terrible, and it was the worst trip she'd ever been on."

Although Kate's kids loved going camping, fishing and looking for firewood with Palin and her children, Gosselin "had a meltdown" in the frigid, 53-degree conditions. She ended up leaving the campground before sundown.

"In the end, she just couldn't cope," the source said.

It's no $950 trip to the salon, that's for sure.

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PLEASE..Kate again showed us what kind of mother she really is..I only hope for those Gosselin kids that they cancel Kate's show! She was so rude to the Palin's. Her kid's were having fun, she was a whiny u- know -what


OMG it was ALASKA for pete's sake. Did she think it was a day at the beach? Kate is the biggest diva ever in modern history of no-talent famous-for-nothing "celebs".


Katie needs to have her children taken away from her for good. Who the hell bullies 8 & 10 years olds (espcialy your own)on national television. I think Sarahs husband Todd should have used Kate as fishing bate, or they should have hung her in a tree as bear food. What a self absorded bitch.


I didn't think that anyone could make me sympathize with Sarah Palin. But Kate Gosselin just did. Wow.


Frigid 54 degrees. PLEASE!!! You'd think she would have a tougher skin by now. What a bad example for her kids. Shame on you Kate.


After watching Kate's FULL ON Diva behavior on the Palin camp trip, I lost ALL respect for her. As a mom and Grandmom,it is an understood that no matter how much we don't like an event or experience, if the children are having fun and learning , we tough it out. Who does she think she is!I will NOT watch her TV show again.She is SUCH A PHONEY! She constantly talks about how she loves her kids, would do anything for them,etc. She forgot to add "Only if it doesn't inconvenience ME in any way".


what a self absorbed, emotionally abusive mother. Kate said "we aren't campers!" Perhaps you should have taken a closer look on your kids faces. They were enjoying themselves while you were whining like a spoiled, unappreciative brat! It's all about you isn't Kate?


I used to befriend K.G. all the time however after watching the Sarsh Palin reality show Kate is a very rude and brassy individual. She bullys her kids into doing what she wants by threats with a smile. Example: How many want to leave , when the kids said they wanted to stay she told them they were not goslins anymore that they were Palins. The kids were felt threatened and said they wanted to leave. Her face said it all. Sarah is much to good for the likes of Kate Goslin! How rude she is.


Kate is a loser. Palin should have known better than to associate with this brainless twit. What the heck was she thinking?


Kate is just a up tight bitch

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