Kate Gosselin's Diva-Like Spending Continues

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You know what they say. Even mothers of eight with growing financial woes need time to drop more money on a haircut than most of us make in a week.

Kate Gosselin took a break from the kids Wednesday and headed to the uber chic Ted Gibson Salon in NYC for five hours of expensive ass pampering.

In addition to updating her color, Kate had them smooth and straighten her locks - a $450 treatment that can rise up to $950 depending on length.

Kate Has a Bad Hair Day

DIVA: With Kate, there's no end in sight. [Photo: Pacific Coast News]

Don't ask us why you needs to go to a salon that swanky when their kids are eating moldy sandwiches to save money, but hey, that's Kate Gosselin for you.

Asking her to cut back on her diva-like antics would be akin to telling Jon Gosselin to get a job. Oh wait ... dude actually did! Well then. Your move, Kate!

The other crazy thing? All the celebrity hairstyles in the world can't mask the fact that it's Kate Gosselin here. You are not a star, lady. Give it up already.

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Robert, in 10 years let's see how F'd up her kids are. 2 of her kids got exspelled from school already and between her spending money like crazy and her TV crap, she is ignoring taking care of her kids and having other people do that. She is not a good mother at all. I don't know why people defend her. I guess you feel sorry for her because she has a lot of kids. Bullshit, she is ruining her kids lives when they get older. At least Jon, has a real job and does what he can to take care of his kids when he get's them. Kate will have a nervous breakdown soon and i can't wait to see it on t.v. I will be happy if Kate get's a real job or pays attention to her kids needs a little more.


amazing how she has gone from being liked to being hated once people realized what a self loathing manipulative women she is . She will do anythign for fame and money and one of the big reason she and Jon are no longer together is because he got tired of beign in the spotlight and havign the kids used by TLC. She iosnt a star and hopefully TLC finally decides to drop kick her into reality and stops the whole show


Kate is "hungry" for media attention, at all costs. Even her own chilren must face media frenzy. She exploits her kids like they were how own property. She has no talent and ist's sad she feels she must use them for her meal ticket to fame and money. It terrible to see her get on t.v. and announce to the nation that her childrens every move is out there to be known to the audience. How will each child cope with that as they get older, to be known by what their mom has revealed. How sad for them. They deserve privocy and dignity. They are the ones to pay the price of fame for nothing, just being kids. Shame on TLC.


I usually enjoy this site, mainly because you generally keep the tone from degenerating into the truly nasty. For some reason, you lose all sense of decency when it comes to Kate Gosselin. You're nicer about the Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan and even Paris Hilton! Why does anyone care how much this woman spends on her hair?
There are tons of "celebs" who are not sympathetic or even likeable and yet you save most of your vitriol for Kate Gosselin. The worst part is- I'm actually defending her. Damn you, THG.


All that money and she still looks homely. Just because you bleach your hair blonde and put on lots of makeup doesn't make you pretty.


The thing is, it doesn't matter how much she spends on her outward appearance. Once someone realizes how ugly a person is on the inside, they can never look beautiful on the outside.


"You are not a star, lady. Give it up already." LMFAO Love it!! This biatch is a legend in her own mind. Waiting for her to drop off the side of a cliff. So sick of seeing her face and really don't give a shit about her, period. She'll no doubt be on the tube shortly, whining about her dire financial affairs. Give me a break. Take a hike, Kate!


@Robert: you are delusional. @Lancastermom: I believe ever word you wrote. Why? Because I have a good judge of character and it doesn't take an expert to see what Kate Gosselin is all about. One word... HERSELF!


@Robert --- Even if you believe she made $3.5M (questionable at best), her spending habits can still be questioned, especially given the other reports of her financial problems. Just because you make a lot doesn't mean you can't waste it all.


She takes her own kids to Supercuts here in town and never even tips the staff when they are all done screaming, running around the place, crying and punching each other. She demands that no other customers are allowed in the place while her kids are there and then demands a family discount. She's NEVER once tipped. She treats the locals like they are absolute trash and on many occasions, she has her own photographer get out of her van a couple yards away from where she is going to park and then acts surprised that she's being photographed. This woman is a fraud by all means