Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin: Goin' Camping!

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Sarah Palin. Kate Gosselin. It's a TLC reality show crossover like no one in their right mind ever imagined or wanted to see by any means other.

As if Kate dragging her brood to our northernmost state weren't exciting enough ... they're going on an Alaskan camping trip with Sarah Palin!!

First, here are the kids en route to the wilderness, where they will likely explode with rage and inform the locals that Santa doesn't exist ...

Then it's time for the clash of titans on Sarah Palin's Alaska. "I have never camped for real," Gosselin admits in the below clip, and it shows.

Crying for decent food and grimacing as American's favorite mama grizzly fires her trusty rifle, Kate longs for the comforts of Pennsylvania.

Hey, what's she supposed to do? Bears lurking are nearby. BEARS, people. Sarah tells us, "She's going to be relying on me to protect her."

We've seen what happens when boys come near Willow Palin. Ursine creatures beware. Watch a clip of Kate on Sarah Palin's Alaska here:

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Not surprising to see Kate behave as she did. Her children have better manners than she which must come from Jon. Kate clearly has been affected by the Hollywood Bollywood elite and one should wonder why she has custody of those beautiful children. while I love Sarah Palin, I dont think she would make a great President but certainly a great Ambassador she is!


Can't imagine someone thought this would be a good idea. Kate's a germophobe control freak and Palin knows how to take care of herself. Kate's liable to drive Sarah to drink, or to turn the rifle on Kate. Now there's an idea for making the show interesting.


palinfan, um, the strike-out line is a humorous way to leave in what the author really thinks while pretending to edit the sentence for morons. no wonder you don't realize how fake and stupid these people are