Brandy, Other Contestants Shocked Brandy Was Voted Off Dancing With the Stars

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A frontrunner from day one, Brandy was stunned at her elimination from Dancing With the Stars last night. So was everyone else, including her competition.

The singer and Maksim Chmerkovskiy are the latest casualty of Bristol Palin's absurd run to the finals. When Brandy said "I'm in a lot of shock," she wasn't alone.

Chaz Bono and Lacey Schwimmer

Said Jennifer Grey of her toughest adversary this fall, "Brandy's just been amazing. She's done such a beautiful job each week, she's such an amazing dancer."

Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Brandy deserved better after this week.

"I was shocked, but this show is so unpredictable," added Lacey Schwimmer, who earned the third finals spot along with her underrated partner Kyle Massey.

"We are going to miss Brandy so much because she's a great friend and such a big supporter. But we're happy for Bristol because she's great, too. So sweet!"

Brandy may be shocked, but she's saying all the right things ...

"I'm just so thankful to Maks," she said of her partner, with whom she reportedly sparred at times this season. "He taught me how to dance with confidence."

"I'm very blessed to have be a part of something so amazing, where I can rediscover who I am and prove that if I commit to something, I can be success."

Maks, whose lack of Palin love is no secret, shared it with Brandy: "I'm so very proud of Brandy. It's been amazing, and I really have a lot to thank her for."

The voters? That's another story. Talk about a slap in the face. Bristol's dancing has been about as convincing as her abstinence PSA with The Situation.

We can see her getting more votes than Kurt Warner or Rick Fox, or maybe even Audrina Patridge. But Brandy and Jen were the best two, hands down.

You tell us: Does Bristol Palin deserve to be in the finals?


Brandy killed a person, Bristol didn't.


they will be some piss off people if brisol wins and not jennider grey i hope she wins i loved her in dirty dacing i watched it all the time that was funny when i heard about a man shot his tv but mom said that the man was drunk i wounder if everybody knows dwts is fixs i don't wqatch it but im going with jennifer grey i wanted her and the girl from the hills be the top two but you can't get what you want i can't stand bristol either.


I don't like Bristol Palin she's a crybaby that always wants to go home when she thinks she's losing spoiled brat, if she were a winner she would say no im not gonna lose im gonna fight. The only reason America hasn't voted her off yet is cause what else do they do to people like her but spoil them and give them things they don't deserve but thank god there's a god cause her luck will run out she will be the next one leaving. another thing who do she think she is havin a baby out of wed lock and telling every body else not to? (and Bristol don't hand me that oh im trying to teach girls not to make the same mistakes i did liar you're a self righteous hypocrite who thinks you're above gods law)oh i know! a self righteous hypocrite. And Bristol don't even try it about people hate on me cause im soo good they hatin on you cause they are tired of you


Bristol Palin i think is a self righteous idiot she toots her own horn, and thinks people really believe she's good. The only reason she's staying in is because she's from a political family she can't move or dance for shit and she will be the next one voted off America's dumb but they ain't that dumb to keep her on to the final two and to the win Brandy was robbed by Carrie Ann who argued with Maks and that is the reason that crybaby America didn't vote for them Carrie Ann is miserable and all she know how to do is vent her frustrations on every performance and then disguise it as good critiquing when all it is is her bitching and moanin Carrie Ann get out you need to be fired no more couples who deserve to stay need to be voted off cause of your bitchery


I was very impressed with Brandi and Max today on the View. They were vert gracious about Bristol beating them, and that she has worked as hard as they have, and that the way they do the show is by the people that send votes by this time it is a popularity contest. She has improved alot,so it's not like she is terrible....she deserves to win, if she finishes up like she did last week.


ok i hope yall know dwts is fixs because of sara palian daughter watch she will get the award i wish its jennifer gray i loved her in dirty dacning watched it all the time


This show has never been fair.
All "star" dancers should start off with almost equal or equal dance abilities so we can see who really is the true dancer.Ho
How demeaning is it for a contestant to experience low marks and nasty criticisms from the judges week after week until they are voted out. This only happens because contestant with dance backgrounds are always much better. It is like comparing and voting between apples and oranges. Doesn't make sense to me.
And when they start with the same sex partners who knows how viewewrs will react with their voting.


I don't like the fact that ppl are saying Bristol is getting hated on, cause she's not, so what she never had dance exp. Every season somebody pulls that card there is always gonna be somebody with more experience, the winners should be the best dancer period. She should have been gone, and what makes her a celebrity anyway, who ever gave her the call should be fired.


I don't think that brandy and max should have been the ones to go last night, I think it should have Bristol and mark. I have nothing against Bristol, But the judges would tell her to to work on something that she did wrong, And then she would come back and they would tell her the same thing over and over every week. And when they told Brandy that she needed to work on something she did wrong she would come back and get it right. She danced her ass off this season and she deserved to go the end. To be honest i can't believe Bristol made it this far, But she did and she's done great but it should have been Bristol who went home not Brandy! Brandy does have dance experience, But not the kind of experience she needed for Dancing With The Stars. Like i said, i have nothing against Bristol, But brandy was better at dancing that bristol. BRANDY AND MAX KICKED MAJOR ASS THIS SEASON!!!!!....GO BRANDY AND MAX!!!!!


Bristols a fucking loser.....she cant dance and by the looks of it hasnt improved a stitch since the start. whatta fucking joke. why is she even on the show again?????? Cuz she got fucked and then goes around telling other people not to have babies. sure her son will be so proud of his mom when he grows up. pretty much saying whatta mistake her son is.....fucking joke. Bristol.....get the fuck back to alaska. and stay there

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