Maksim Chmerkovskiy Determined to Oust Bristol Palin on Dancing With the Stars

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy may be surly, blunt, critical and not politically correct, but it's just because he's a serious competitor who wants to win. Period.

Despite being demonstrably outclassed by the field week in and week out, Bristol Palin is still waltzing and spinning. Which has Maks' head spinning.

The fact that Bristol the Pistol is even in the top four on Dancing With the Stars has reportedly rankled Chmerkovskiy, who's partnered with Brandy.

Bristol Palin's surprisingly long stint on Dancing With the Stars has captivated millions. Do not court Maksim Chmerkovskiy among those millions.

“Maksim is very emotional and takes this show very seriously, if you haven’t already seen. He really wants to win,” a source says of the Ukrainian pro.

“He works extremely hard and finds it depressing when people he thinks aren’t worthy of their current position get further then they possibly should.”

He and Brandy are both so competitive and hungry, tensions often rise between them - and they're allies. Imagine how he feels about Bristol Palin.

While acknowledging some bad blood, a source says not to look into the grudge too much: “To say he simply doesn’t like her might be a little much.”

“He is more not liking the whole situation of potentially losing to someone who he believes has significantly less talent than himself and Brandy.”

What do you think? Can Bristol possibly make it to the final three? If she does, either Brandy, Jennifer Grey or Kyle Massey will have to go home.

Bristol was last in scoring Minday, but that matters little, if at all. It comes down to votes. Who are you rooting for on Dancing With the Stars?


Mak who? I am all for their competitive nature. The professionals would not be where they are in their career unless they were willing to give all they had to do their best. But his attitude reeks of arrogance every time I see him. I don't miss him.


Why do these simple people think that Bristol has such a large fan base? Fans of what???? Why are they fans? There is no logic to this equation. All the other STARS might have a decent fan base, but Bristol hasn't done anything! I'm sure there are not more than 2 teens listening to her fake platform of abstinence. Fans like her because she preaches what she obviously doesn't practice. What choice did she have but to speak about abstience?
There is a whole lot of shaking going on but no real dancing!!!!


To B. Royce, It's the principle of the way " DWTS rating system works that causes hate. If it was a Liberal star it would be the same results, people would be mad as hell, you numbskull! BP sucks and everyone knows it. It's about skill not politics that makes people go nuts idiot! BRISTOL PALIN HAS NO DANCING SKILLS period! Everyone else sees it!


There's no question the ballot box was stuffed by the Tea Party voters who figured out how to beat the system. But the main culprits are DWTS's producers who invited Bristol on the show in the first place (knowing full well her mother's notariety would be a factor) and are now loving all the controversy and media attention for the viewer ratings. However, I, along with apparently thousands (hopefully millions) of voters will not be watching the show next season. So, go stuff your celebrity selecftio process and your totally defective voting system with that, DWTS producers!


I think some of DWTS has made Bristol head bigger than what it already is...Max and Brandy will always dance better than you...if you have to cheat to win then you are still a lossssser!!!but of course It is my honor not to watch you anymore!!


When a simple dance competition can be corrupted as evidenced by Bristol Palin ever having making it past the first elimination on DWTS then this country surely is in moral decay. And you Tea Party activitists who probably stuffed the balloting for Bristol, you now have gained a label as a corrupting force in this country, your influence will wane as will the popularity of DWTS.


First of all, had it not been for the rigged votes Brandy would still be there because she truly do deserve to be there. and for the records Bristol "Stiff" as a pistol didn't get millions of people votes, lets make that correction, people made millions of bogus votes by voting up to hundreds of times by 1 person. people that were voting for Brandy couldn't even get in because the phones kept saying the calls weren't going through and for a lot of us we could only vote 3 to 4 times and the recording would come on and say that we had reached our calling limit.


It's a TV show people...why all the hate? My guess is if it were a liberal star we would not hear a word...Bristol MILLIONS of people like you!!!You go girl...tea anyone??


None of them have formal BALLROOM dance training. I was a fan of Jennifer Grey until she started with her DIVA behavior and her temper tantrums and all that whining and crying. She is playing the viewers and I HOPE SHE LOSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Lens words, enough of the backroom drama.


bristol is a beautiful young woman. She 3entered the contest after a call from the shows producers, asking if she would like to be on the show. She improved more than anyone else except Kyle. She did not complain,whine, or cry. She acepted each challenge gracefully and took the judges advise to heart and ran with it. The fact that brandy did not win was not because of any conspiricy of any kind. Bristol simply had a larger fan base all her own. Mama did not win, Bristol did because people who watched really did like Bristol on her own merits. She came in cold and learned to dance!!!!

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