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On December 14, Crystal Bowersox will release her debut album.

It will be titled “Farmer’s Daughter” and include a total of 12 singles. Will you purchase the first CD from this American Idol finalist? Perhaps a listen to its title track will help you decide. Bowersox goes acoustic with it here:

Farmer's Daughter Performance

As for the complete song list…

1. “Ridin With The Radio” – Written by Bowersox. Background vocals by her husband, Brian Walker.
2. “For What It’s Worth” – The cover of a Buffalo Springfield classic.
3. “Farmer’s Daughter” – Written by Bowersox prior to her appearance on Idol.
4. “Holy Toledo” – Written by Bowersox.
5. “Lonely Won’t Come Around” – Co-written by Bowersox, David Ryan Harris and Alexandra Tamposi.
6. “Hold On” – Written by former Kara DioGuardi and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.
7. “On The Run” – Written by Bowersox.
8. “Kiss Ya” – Written by Bowersox.
9. “Speak Now” – Written by Bowersox.
10. “Mine All Mine” – Written by Bowersox
11. “Mason” – Co-written by Bowersox and Walker.
12. “Arlene” – Written by Bowersox.