The Situation, Bristol Palin Tag-Team Safe Sex PSA

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Proving that truth really is stranger than fiction, The Situation and Bristol Palin have teamed up for a safe sex PSA on behalf of the Candie's Foundation.

It goes without saying that Bristol Palin is only famous for getting pregnant as a teenager, and The Situation for railing dozens of girls on Jersey Shore.

One might say this makes them odd spokespersons for abstinence and/or safe sex, but on the flip side, they have experience with babies and STDs, so ...

These two, of course, met on the set of Dancing With the Stars this season. Sitch was ousted early, while Bristol has somehow advanced to the finals.

Overall, as absurd as this is, and despite the annoyance of hearing the word "situation" used 18 times in two minutes, it beats Willow Palin's Facebook rant.

That's all.


I don't get it!! "Anyone's" preoccupation with these people. Allow them to live their lives. Who cares? "They" call it "guilty pleasures" watching such idiotic reality shows as the misnomers "Real Housewives of anywhere, or the simpletons of Jersey, I call it idiocy and the continuing dumbing of the masses. You have no excuse if you watch these shows you are just plain stupid. I came back from many years in China looking forward to U.S. I long for the censored news (better than hatefilled bias) and television dramas far more entertaining, even in a language not understood, than this drivel U.S. television has come down to (sic).....


I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments of the previous poster. This has got to be the worst backfire in the history of safe-sex ads.


Wow, I kind of feel retarded now because I watched this video... There's always those people who say oh that was 3 min of my life that will never get back when looking at some videos, and I always make fun of them for watching it and then commenting. However, I cant help myself but to comment and say: If you watch this video prepare to feel retarded!!!

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