Amber Portwood's Baby Now Indiana's Problem

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood's daughter is now a ward of the state of Indiana, meaning her guardianship is determined by a judge and government agency.

It's the latest, most dramatic development yet in the ongoing saga of the MTV star, whose troubled, often violent life has played out on the popular MTV show.

Another Teen Mom Baby?

Portwood and former fiance Gary Shirley appeared in an Anderson, Ind., courtroom Tuesday for an emergency child placement hearing concerning Leah.

It's official. Indiana has wrested control of Leah from Amber.

As the Department of Child Services assesses Leah's living situation, Leah, 2, remains under the state's control, even though she is staying with Shirley.

The Indiana Department of Child Services also supervised Amber Portwood's most recent visit with Leah at Gary's house, taking place Tuesday after court.

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley declined to comment outside court.

Gary and Amber, whose violent altercations (which are basically one-sided, with him taking the pounding) appeared extremely friendly toward each other.

DCS will monitor Amber's progress in the wake of her felony battery charges, and determine if Gary's home is suitable for Leah to remain in permanently.

DCS has been probing Leah's living situation at Shirley's house and asked for changes that Shirley will comply with, one source close to the matter said.

Under Indiana law, if a child is found to be a "child in need of services" (CHINS) the child then becomes a ward of the state, which happened in this case.

Portwood gave Leah to Shirley recently, believing the toddler would be better off with him right now, given the demons she's battling. It was for the best.

Hopefully Clinton Yunker is there to comfort her in this tough time.


Hopefully this will all get better, for that poor little girl that everyone seems to forget is mixed up in this mess.


i think that amber should go to anger management classes or go to therepy because it is not right for her to put her hands on her ex fiance this girl is needs help i know it is hard for her as a single mother and sometimes maybe dhe get's stressed out but that is no excuse to lash out on somebody who has a baby with someone i thibk she needs to leave gary alone and take some time for herself she needs to do some soul searching and find herself and really think about her actions and think before she does anything and i think it is good that baby leah is with gary and he takes good care of his daughter but having the state of indiana take the little girl is is also goof too because the leah does not need to be in this type of sotuation with her parents she needs to be in a safe environment,.


I don't feel sorry for her-we all know right from wrong and she's no different. Yes, mtv should've interfered, but in no way did they make her be violent. And everyone seems to forget that while the show was called '16 and Pregnant' she was 18 at the time she had Leah. An adult, who made an adult choice.


Why is anyone saying "poor Amber"? If the roles were reversed and Gary was beating the shit out of her fat ass, everyone would be ready to cut his balls off. I'm tired of the double standard bullshit. Violence towards another person just shows how ignorant of a person you are. It means you can't resolve an issue without putting up your fists. Don't get me wrong, if someone was coming to do harm to me or my family, I'm going to protect myself by any means necessary. Bottom line, she has committed a crime and should be punished for it. She should only be given back custody of her child when she can prove that she is fit to be a parent.


Lets hope this child does not go back to her. She is wayyy too mentally unstable to raise a child. And too lazy. She never did anything with the baby. Shes a horrible mother and a crappy person. She deserves to go to jail for almost kicking Gary down the stairs! She is nuts.


Poor Amber. I really feel bad for the girl. God only knows I wanted to punch my ex out SEVERAL times on many occasions when he was acting like an ass (even though I never did, and SURE AS HELL WOULDN'T do it when cameras are rolling...) MTV exploited her and let her loose her shit on tape for ratings... the MTV producers should have stopped the maddness when it started and never let it escalate! On Real World (MTV) when someone fights they get thrown out of the house. When Amber punches Gary, they let the cameras roll!! Sad situation, especially for that gorgeous baby!!

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