Teen Mom's Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley: Under Investigation, in Therapy

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Like her Teen Mom co-stars Maci Bookout and Farrah Abraham, Amber Portwood has not had an easy time of it after giving birth at the tender age of 18.

Amber's in a totally different league, however.

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Police are investigating Portwood after she was seen hitting ex-fiance Gary Shirley on last week's episode of the MTV show that glorifies teen pregnancy.

Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood in happier, less violent times.

The Anderson Police Department in Indiana have now launched an investigation into the incident, in which Amber looked to be kicking her man as well.

"We were made aware of the domestic abuse following the episode that aired on MTV," Anderson Public Information Officer Mitch Carroll told reporters.

"Based on that there was a case drafted. The Department of Child Protective Services in Indiana notified us that they are aware of the incident as well."

Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are now seeking counseling.

Her father Shawn confirmed that she is doing everything she can to salvage her relationship with her on-off fiance and the father of her small child.

Shawn revealed that Amber and Gary have been in counseling for months, and he hopes that they get married, despite the aforementioned battle.

"It's my understanding they're doing just fine," Shawn said. "They're now going to couples counseling. It was their idea as a whole, them together."

Hopefully they work it out for the good of everyone involved.




I ain't even watched the show, I came across this bitch while on Facebook. Now I'm studying sociopaths at the moment, and I gotta say after reading a few articles about Amber and how she treats everyone I was sickened... like a typical sociopath, she blames everyone else for her problems and shows no care at all for her kid, she just does what she wants without any thought for the consequences. Hell, there's that many articles about her on the net people don't even NEED to watch the show to know what she's like. I know it's a pain in the ass being a young mum (my mum had me at 18), but if you make the choice, put the kid first instead of yourself. Hope her kid gets to go to a nice family while this bitch destroys herself.


Seriously... Gary is so sweet and caring and is really concerned about how his daughter is being raised. He never does anything but suck up to Amber's ugly ass and all she does is bitch at him, cuss around her child, and act like she is really something special (which she is definitely not)! She is the worst mother, for sure the counterpart to Janelle last season. She is a horrible person and Gary deserves so much better!


Wow! 1 St of all, teen mom doest promote teen pregnancy. In fact, the number of PREGO teens are a lot lower than they were when 16 and pregnant 1 St started. That's a positive. Neither Gary nor Amber seem to be in the right frame mind to be good and healthy parents for Leah. They're both wrong.... grrrrrr.


I want to know how MTV could be held accountable for abusive relationships? At the end of every episode almost there is a PSA about getting help for this. I have news for you; these reality 'stars' were fucked up before MTV rode in - think it'd be different if MTV wasn't around? Maybe. But most likely not. Amber and Jenelle and these other girls/guys were the way they are before their mini-fame the difference is that we see it on film. Stop placing blame on everyone and thing else except for the actual people. Just because I see a girl on Jersey Shore hook up with some d-bag for one night does not mean that I am encouraged to go f some dude from the club or just because I see Amber punch and kick Gary, that doesn't mean I think it's okay to hit my boyfriend. Why? Because I am a well capacitated individual.


Is Gary gay? I think he might be gay, its just the way he whines and kind of minces about.


when are these reality shows going to be held responsible for encouraging the abusive behavior? i want to see them held accountable!


yah and we were all over there drinkin with that little girl there and a thong sitting next to his trashy ass toilet


Gary from teen mom loves women who are bitches... and all they have to do is prank people because they are that immature. He doesn't even have cups at his house and I believe he's a theif b/c all the sudden my $$ went missing and they said I dropped it ouside.. okay! And the girl he is hanging out with is selling the info to the tabloids... how sad! ugh i hate that guy


I watched the show and think there are faults on both side.I certainly don't agree with Amber hitting Gary and no excuse as you wouldn't make any if Gary hit Amber. Gary was lazy,but Amber could be very controlling and sniping at him for small things. I don't think the show glorified teen mums,but portrayed a realistic view of how hard it could be.

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