Amber Portwood: Charged With Felony Battery!

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Looks like Amber Portwood's attacks on Gary Shirley will have consequences.

The Teen Mom star has been charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor for domestic violence and battery today. Under Indiana law, domestic abuse is a felony if a child is present for the abuse, as baby Leah was in both cases.

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One of the charges is based on footage never aired by MTV. The other:

SLAPPED: Gary Shirley knows how that feels. Now Amber Portwood's been hit as well - with criminal charges stemming from the couple's recent squabbles.

The incidents related to the charges happened June 14, July 18 and August 14 of this year. Documents say Amber choked, slapped, punched and kicked Gary.

Detective Mitch Carroll says that if convicted, Amber Portwood faces up to three years in jail and fines of up to $10,000. Still, the troubled star is defiant.

“I didn’t hit Gary in front of Leah so there's no felony,” she told Hollywood Life. “There’s nothing against me. They can’t charge if they don’t have proof.”

We'll see about that, since she lost baby Leah as a result ...

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The media is first to jump in someones business and fabricate any story they can get their hands on. Kids, don't believe ever story you hear.


I applaud Gary for his restraint. I probably would have kick the crap out of Amber. She is a prime example of what can happen to kids when they have no parental involvement and don't get their education. The best thing for Leah would be for the state to keep custody of Leah and let someone who really wants to be a parent, raise this child. I fear if she doesn't get out of Amber's house, she will turn into her mother about 10-12 years from now....


I am sad for the situation and for the baby. They need to work their stuff out but in the meantime amber needed this wake up call. She does not have anything to defend if the first bit of evidence to be looked at is going to be the tv show. Dum.


I think this is so sad. I'm glad they are doing something about it. If it were Gary hitting Amber more would have been done about it. Amber needs probation, therapy and anger management and maybe some jail time wouldn't hurt. She needs to know you can't go around smacking the shit out of people to get your way. She obviously has some deep issues and I hope good comes from this and she gets the help that she needs.


She deserves what is coming. I watch the show and can not stand the lazy bitch. She never cleaned the house but layed in bed all the damn time. About time she is charged.


maybe these teens thought......after baby...we all live happily ever after. Or maybe the watchers did. This is a teenage girl....need i say more.. leave her alone.


this bitch is crazy...if she hit me i would beat the living hell outta her...shes big enough to defend herself


love you amber ;) fuck you gary your a dick head


This is dumb the girl thinks no one seen her slap the crap out of this guy?? Is she dumb? Its on freaking tape. This girl needs anger management BAD!!!! And she deserves to lose her kid. They both need to grow up! She's wasn't ready for a baby and neither was he. But she does need to keep her hands to her self.


chic's lucky that dude was'nt raised by my mother. She said if a woman is going to stand up and hit you in your face like shes a man then you have every right to hit her back. now we're not saying beat the crap out of her or hit her as hard as you can but once hard enough to make her understand that getting hit sucks and this course of action was a bad idea. luckly I've never had to do that. Closest I've came to it was when a chic I was dating balled up her fist and hit me in the face, I pushed her back and put my fist through the coffee table and gave her a "you really want to do this?" stare. She took the hint.