Amber Portwood Welcomes Home Baby Leah!

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Amber Portwood and her baby Leah have reunited.

The two-year-old was under Indiana's control (as in the State of Indiana) after a very turbulent period, but officials returned her to the Teen Mom star Monday.

"Leah is moving into Amber's new home, where Amber had her daughter’s bedroom all set up," a source says. "Amber is so excited to have Leah back!"

LEAH'S HOME: Mother and daughter are together once again.

Just last week, we learned that Leah became a ward of the state, meaning decisions over where she lives falls to a judge and a government agency.

Portwood and ex-fiance Gary Shirley had earlier agreed that Leah was better off living with him for the time being. Child Protective Services agreed.

"It was safer for her to stay at Gary's because of all the photographers outside my house," Amber Portwood, who lives in Anderson, Ind., explained.

The star, who's battling serious anger issues, said living without Leah was "the lowest of the low. Every night she's been saying, 'Where's Mommy?'"

On November 18, Portwood was charged by Anderson police for attacking Shirley in front of Leah; she is faced with two felony battery charges.

Now she says she's picking up what's left of her life - or at least trying:

"I'm trying to put the pieces back together," she said. "I have to get better so when I get my baby back, she sees her mom as happy as can be."

Here's wishing her the best in that difficult, ongoing quest.


You know what everyone deserves a second chance and it's not for us to judge. And I think she shouldn't put all her business out on T.V. like that. She has a lot of growing up to do. You can tell she was 16 SUPER IMMATURE....Get together or give her to a person that truly loves children and will love to raise a little princess God be with Angel Leah...And control the temper tantrums of a young mom taking out lost of teenage years on other people. Honestly they probably need to look into substance abuse to me...Just an opinion


Anybody who has seen Ambers violent attacks at Gary would agree that she is no way fit to have Leah back yet. she needs intensive angermanagment classes. I trully fear for Leah's safety.


You got to be kidding me!!!!Why couldn't soul-custody be given to Gary? There making a big mistake and in the end, only baby leah, will suffer. Amber, you are an UNFIT MOTHER, and always will be...SKANK!!!!!!!


"The courts need to watch Teen Mom. The proof is on tape." Traci, don't you know by now that "reality" TV shows are scripted? These shows are as remote from reality as McDonald's is from gastronomy.
It's always a lot of fun to read all of you having opinions, usually negative, on people you actually never met and condemning them without the faintest thought. Mankind in its whole glory. Yay.


What is the State of Indiana thinking? I know the Teen Mom series doesn't show everything, but, ANYONE who chooses to hit another person....male or female should be doing jail time and NOT getting her parenting. Amber should be attending mandatory classes for anger and child rearing....there's no excuse for her to be so ignorant about what it takes to raise a child. Most states offer these services for little or no money.....Gary needs to get steady employment and taking some parenting classes as well....there are tools....


amber should never get that beautiful baby back. she is abusive as one can be. whats she going to do when leah makes her upset? my bet is, we will see amber back in court for child abuse. leah should stay with gary. he is a good father and you can see that he loves her very much. i hope amber gets fired from teen mom.

Patricia rathbun

To anyone out there saying that Amber does not deserve her baby, walk in her shoes, that baby's Daddy is a first class a**. he is emotionally abusive of her, but the camera's play it down.She is doing whats best for her and her baby I give her a ton of credit.


Gary should report the abuse to GLAAD. I think it's considered a hate crime. I just don't understand it. Why do women abuse their closeted boyfriends.


Amber should not have her baby back. The courts need to watch Teen Mom. The proof is on tape.


Amber does not deserve to have that child under her roof just yet. It takes WAY more than a week to sort out all the baggage that girl carries with her. Those anger issues need to be treated and that little girl does NOT deserve to be a part of all the turmoil! I cannot believe the state AND GARY are putting her BACK in harms way!! GARY!! Be a MAN!! WATCH the show & REALIZE Amber IS who she IS... she needs HELP... NOT Enabling!! You are Enabling her to remain an unfit parent AND SPOUSE/Partner by telling her TIME after TIME that "It's OK." Ot's NOT OK!! MOVE ON!!

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