Miley Cyrus: A Colossal Disappointment

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Over the past couple weeks, THG has been harsher than usual when it comes to Miley Cyrus. We've referred to her scantily-clad European performances as pathetic and desperate.

To their credit, Miley fans have stuck up for their gal. They've argued that she isn't acting any differently than past artists who have wanted to reach an older audience by shedding their clothing or grinding with girls.

So, why has THG singled out Cyrus in such a manner? Simply put: because she's wasted an opportunity to be a different kind of role model to young women around the world.

The second we met Britney Spears as a professional singer, she was wearing a Catholic schoolgirl's outfit and singing about sex. She made it clear from day one that she was a provocative artist, one whose lack of true singing ability meant she'd be relying on raunchy acts to remain relevant.

It's similar for Lady GaGa. She's openly admitted that she was a floundering artist until she came up with a unique name and look.

Miley Performance

But Miley is different. Thanks to Hannah Montana, she already has an established fan base of millions. Unlike Britney and GaGa, there's no need for Cyrus to shock and scintillate in order to make headlines and sell albums.

That's what makes this transformation so disappointing. This is a Nashville resident that says she hates pop music. She had an opportunity to sing the kind of songs she actually likes, taking her extremely loyal followers along for the ride. They'll follow her anywhere, so why not take them down an original, creative path, as opposed to this lame, redundant schtick?

In Billboard, Miley says she's "grown up a lot," but wouldn't that have been the grown-up thing to do? To have branched out and actually been her own woman, tackling the kind of singles she claims to believe in?

Instead, Miley Cyrus has become just another generic, booty-shaking, scantily-clad, same-sex kissing act.

Miley's fans defend her by saying to "leave her alone" because she's "only 17." But do these people even listen to the artist herself?

Cyrus has gone to great lengths to talk about her maturity and how profound her music is. She even refers to it as art.

Putting aside how incredibly pompous she often sounds when she makes these statements, Miley clearly has a message when giving interviews and (especially) when wearing certain outfits: I'm not only 17!

It's obvious that Miley would be more offended than anyone when compared to an average teenager. She sees herself as A LOT more than that.

Limo Riding

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a little sister and I was hoping to see Miley as a lot more than that, too. My sister grew up worshiping Hannah Montana. Her room is still adorned with Miley posters.

So, what exactly am I supposed to tell her when she asks why Cyrus "got to first base" with another dancer last week? Should I sit my sister down and explain it was all just a marketing ploy, and, see, Miley didn't actually kiss the girl because that technicality gave her the chance to jump online and thumb her nose at those that dared to accuse her of such an act?

It's depressing that I need to even consider this question. When making her career transformation, Miley had a choice: Be like Taylor Swift or be like Britney. She chose the latter and that's where my disappointment stems from.

I have a feeling many Miley defenders may even join me in the near future. After all, look where Britney is now. If that's Miley in a few years, I'll try my hardest not to say "I told you so."


i loveddd Miley Cyrus and so did my litel sis but now wer both disappointed :( so now i love selena gomez and my sis loves zenaya .
sorry miley you lost one of your bigest fans :(


The things that you prudes are saying about Miley Cyrus basically amounts to this: "Don't be who YOU want to be, be who WE want you to be. We cant stand the fact that you refuse to act like an innocent disney drone for life. How dare you wear what YOU want and dance how YOU want. How dare you express your sexuality. We own you. We don't care that you're a sexual being, you're growing up, and you want freedom. We don't care about your rights. We hate you for showing skin and doing sexual dance moves, but we'll accept other celebrities who do the same thing."

@ blaize

Prudes? It's not that people are being shocked by the sexual imagery. It's just really fucking depressing that an artist with premise has decided to go for the generic skank image (something we have hundreds of already) instead of something original. But whatever.


loved this, I couldn't of said this better myself. Miley's headed down the Britney path, whether she realizes it or not, but she's become the typical cliche' sexualized pop star, and I really thought she would be different...oh well, I was wrong. Thought you were better than this Miley : (


Woot!! Go Miley! We love you even if you're a trashy spoiled slut!! All teens act like you so it's ok! It's perfectly ok to grind on men twice your age. You can get away with it cuz ur pretty. You're just experimenting is all. Fuk u haterz!!!1


She has a great voice, a great body, successful albums.. She can defend herself how she wants.


I feel mostly bad for her- but being 17 myself, I don't see how she can defend the things she does. They are outright attention seeking, nothing else. Being in the limelight all the time, the media is gonna eat up everything like this that she does. She should know that, since she's spent the better half of her life in this industry. Sure, if I were in her shoes, at 17 I'd surely want to move away from that squeaky-clean image too: but I certainly wouldn't do it by pole dancing, giving lap dances or wearing skimpy outfits to make myself look edgy. It's quite ironic how it gives her no edge at all.


I am very disappointed in Miley. Here is a young lady raised in show biz and has been a better part of it for most of her life. For her to have chosen such a path of self destruction is beyond my understanding - unless of course - she thinks she is so good that the sorrows that happened to the slut queens before her could never happen to her! But she is just 17 and we are all or were very impressive at the age and there weren't many of us that thought through to beyond our wants at the moment. I guess the big question for me is where is the DAD, why doesn't he put his foot down and tell his spoiled brat he's not going to let her throw a life time of achivement away?

Tyler baker
@ Katie

that's what happens when you spend your life getting whatever you want. she had better be glad she hasn't had to deal with even half the hell i have.


I feel very sorry that Miley has chosen the path of least resistance and gone the way of too many lack lustre stars.
Both my girls have removed her from their walls and stick
to calling themselves "used to be" fans. Having morals, values
and principals, not to mention self respect allowed my daughters
to make this a choice of their own. I feel pity for Miley. I hope she finds her way one day to being true to herself.




I used to actually like this website. Now it's just a hate forum. All you do now is bash on Miley and the Karadashians, I thought I could come here, find good gossip and keep up with the stars without the glitter gloss all those other gossip websites have, but now I think I'll just stick with OceanUP because they have more celebrities and they get in gossip EVERYDAY not every other day like this horrible website. And for those supposedly "7.8 million" viewers on this website, you guys and girls should go to OceanUP, it's much better and not a barren waste land like this place. and PS I'm not a huge fan of Miley Cyrus but at least I don't call her things like a Colossal of Disappointment. You guys are actually the "colossal of disappointment" going on about how you don't call Miley a slut or a hoe (same with the Karadashians) but really it's all just a very good mask to hide behind the words your really trying to get out. Later, and OceanUP here I come PEACE


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