Miley Cyrus: Jay Z Who?!?

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Miley Cyrus is a liar and a fraud.

In her hit single, "Party in the USA," Cyrus gets all excited when a "Jay Z song" comes on the radio. In reality? The singer has never heard a single rap by this artist.

Cyrus says as much in an interview she gave on Halloween (posted after this article's jump). The star goes on to admit that she's not a fan of her own genre, saying:

"I don't listen to pop music."

But... you're a pop music superstar. What are you trying to say, Miles, that you don't write your own songs, have any say in which you sing and are nothing but a packaged Disney artist that will do anything your label tells you?

Fake Miles

Cyrus adds that "Party in the USA" is "not even my style of music." For some reason, though, a higher power wants good things for this crooner.

"I'm really blessed for it to have done as well as it has. Totally blessed," she said. "God has definitely put me in an amazing position with amazing people."

We wonder if God also helped Miley choreograph the dance moves for this song when she performed it at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

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wow miley wow


dear hollywood gossip , hi my name is david b conway , and my comments to miley cryus is just about her fans just from the tv series and the tv show of hanna montana , and the new hanna montana forever tv series as well i just have one question just for miley cryus the actress is that , i just do,nt like to hurt her feelings at all but i just like to ask her as well just from me david b conway / is that doesnt she like us any more just by our fans just from her tv series and the tv show any more , love david b conway


So, I guess Britney Spears is not a pop artist.....Miley sounds quite naive and ignorant.


so she talks about him in her music but claimed to have never heard of him? okkkkkkk by the way, Jay-z has more number 1 albums than anyone in HISTORY. go marinate on that little girl


Honestly i think it was rude for her to say "its like covering a jay-z song its never going to happen" i could care less if she didnt like pop music. But Jay-z doesnt do pop hes more Hip hop , shes the one that does more pop. If you dont like pop music why the fu*k would you sing a pop song?? doesnt make any sence to me. And i agree with most ppl that said if you dont write your own music ur not a true artist. so before she tries to talk about someone else. Write your own song and see how that goes K?


The HollyWood gossip, your mean comments about Miley just disgusts me. The girl can do whatever she likes, dude, that's her freedom. Of course your gonna say you can say whatever you like about her either, but what's the point of badmouthing about someone else huh? Jerkheads.. MILEY RULESXX


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jay z is un the illuminati miley wants to join lmfao