Miley Cyrus to Critics: You Just Don't Get It!

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As she goes around the globe, donning skimpy clothing and trying way too hard to prove she's no longer an innocent Disney drone, Miley Cyrus has come under fire for... well, donning skimpy clothing and trying way too had to prove she's no longer an innocent Disney drone.


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    When referring to her art, Miley is talking about her music. EVERYBODY knows that music is a form of art. And it's totally normal for artists to express and explore their sexuality through their art.

    Is that really so hard for you people to understand?


    omfg, leave the poor girl alone. everyone is just gonna have to accept the fact that this is what the world is coming to; girls at a teen age will become sex icons. and who gives a f**k, its her choice and if shes getting her money and pleasing her fans then hooray for her.


    @Mr X:

    Miley is not mature.


    Your awesome! :)

    and lastly, if she really is saying all those things these blogs quote, then unfortunately she does not know how to take responsibility for herself or her actions. Making her the total opposite of mature, she is delusional.


    Lol Here comes an talented young artist! Does Miley Cyrus think THAT's the art? Well, according to Miley, sextapes are filled with art. Now I'll wait until you film a sextape, Miley.


    Mr X hu? i know this sounds bad to judge you to but are you a really a real person or mily posing to by some one else like her third idenety? or a boy how achulle liks hanna?? NOT!!!!!!!


    WHAT???!!!!Everyone makes bad choices? So she's excusing her behaviour by saying 'everyone makes mistakes', but simultaneously saying that none of what she does is wrong?! That doesn't make sense. Either she believes that it is right or wrong, or shes' not sure. But saying "I'm doing nothing wrong", then saying 'everyone makes mistakes"?
    Sorry for the rant, but that's contradictory.


    "Miley, you are 17. Not 21. That's a huge difference. Get back to us when you can vote, purchase tobacco, fight in a war, graduate from college and buy alcohol legally.".......your right, she cant do those things now......but shes waaaayyy more mature than a normal 17 year old......

    "If what you are doing is "art," then Britney Spears is Picasso. You're wearing tight leather outfits and singing about how hot you are and how every guy out there gives you "mad attention." Get over yourself. You're a cliched pop singer.".......ur talking as if miley has ONLY made the cant be tamed song......she has made a lot of other great songs.......y dont u consider that b4 judging miley on just one song


    shes defending herself! u act as if shes a criminal!! u acted as if she killed somebody


    I really don't agree with Miley on this one, and I gotta admit what she said was stupid. 'Art' doesn't include things like that- that is way too edgy and it's not a beautiful kind of art either. Still, on the whole, I still support her though I do wish she would change in attitude and perspectives. Keep going Miley, but try and find yourself on the way because this is the right time for you to do it. It wouldn't do if you acted more mature years ago than you are now.


    Say that to her face, THG. Go on. No, without a keyboard, or a computer, or a lame blog. Say it to her face. I'd bet a million bucks you wouldn't if you got the chance.

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