Coming Sunday: "Clean Slate Kate" Plus 8 ... Again

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Like parents across the country, Kate Gosselin enjoyed a nice, relaxing Memorial Day weekend at home with the kids. But it's back to reality TV soon!

With Dancing with the Stars now behind her, Kate's new TV effort is the revamped Kate Plus 8, which kicks off this coming Sunday, June 6, on TLC.

Dead Opossum Style

You know you missed her.

Fittingly, it's been exactly a year since Jon and Kate Gosselin split. Leaving her husband behind, the reloaded show will feature the single mom alone.

She's so excited to turn over a new leaf with the new Kate Plus 8, she's billing herself "Clean Slate Kate." We prefer "Irate Kate," but whatever works.

Didn't you miss your weekly Kate Gosselin fix?!

It'll be great to see those eight little faces back on screen in any case. No word if their trips to the child psychologist will be featured, or if Kate needs help parenting.

Will you watch the reloaded Kate Plus 8?

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I like Kate. I admire her tenacity. Perfect, no. But, SHE IS REAL. Go back to nursing? Are you kidding?? Nursing is dog-hard work for pennies compared to what she is making--and she is supporting 8 kids while Jon plays around. Know why she has an edge? Know why she bossed him around? Because she had to have help and he is USELESS--his life fell apart when he stopped listening to her but she is coming back stronger than ever because her priorities are her kids and her career. Jon is looking for a free ride and a way back even if it means making her pay him. Sad commentary for a man.


I watched the new show last night....Kate hasn't changed, she is still controlling manipulates ever situation. Some will say she is doing it for her kids. Really??? Kates doing it for herself. Even Maddie realises how sad the situation is. Its all about the 6 younger kids. Kate get a life, sell the house you can't afford go back to nursing and live in the real world.


I look forward to watching Clean Slate Kate and the little ones on all their new adventures.


what does her ex husband does to assist his 8 kids? he hangs out with little girls and forgets he is a father. do you guys know how expensive it is to feed 8 kids everyday? thier school fees? you guys always put all blame on women. does the father of the 8 kids sends money home for the kids? NO. shame on everyone that is against a single mother suffering alone to be able to buy her kids all they want.


I am thrilled she is back.


I do not like Kate
I do not like Jon
I do not watch any show that has either of them on
I wish they would both disappear, GO AWAY KATE


In the case of Kate, absence does not make the heart fonder. K is still annoying and the kids even more so. Who wants to spend an hour listening to 8 little brats, whining, crying and having meltdowns? TV is supposed to be informative and entertaining. K+8 is neither. GO AWAY KATE!


I will love to watch Kate again. I love her organization and the fact that she brought organic food into her home even when money was tight. That is a mom whom cares about the health of her children. I am not always a happy mom but do love my children, it is a tough job X8 for her.


I always thought she would look so much better with longer hair, but she still has that smug disgusted look on her face, so she still looks terrible. I wish she were a happier person!