Kate Gosselin on Parenting: Help Me!!!!!!!!!

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Kate Gosselin has her hands full with eight kids. For once, we sympathize.


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    Sarah, I am just in awe of the beautiful pieturcs. Can't wait to see more. It was a celebration in the truest sense and just in these few photos you captured the feel of the night. I was at the wedding and didn't even know you were there. You must be the most low key non intrusive photographer I have ever seen. Thank you for making my Godchild's day a lasting memory.Dina, Kate's Godmother


    Somebody needs to tell her that she is not Miss Special because she took drugs and had kids. She is such a publicity hog-sow-P.I.A. and she really needs to get a real life.


    gee kate if you hadn.t of kicked your family and friends to the curb, for the money and fame I would have thought between all the nannies cooks and family and friends you would be ok in delegating your resonablities to, you mke your bed now you can lie in it your problem get over it


    KATE GOSSELIN you are a joke who cares, you certanly don,t care about anyone but yourself, as the old saying goes, what goes around comes around can,t be taking all the time with no giving back and boy is it going to come back on you KATE GOSSELIN 10 fold I wouldn,t be in your shoes for all the money in the world


    I didn.t hear any complaints when jon was home for weeks at a time while you kate was flying all over the country promoting a book that you didnt write come to think about it you haven,t written any of those books, if you were thinking of your family and missing them like you always say on all the t.v shows your pimping yourself out to, it seems actions speak louder than words its obvious you have no time for your family except the money they can earn you no wonder people don,t like this woman such a hipocrite


    this woman is an idiot nothing to contribute to society, if anything she seems to think that we as a nation owe her,its about time she gave back, to people that are battling but went out of there way to help this greedy bitch


    whats the big deal with this woman so what 8 kids, nothing new with big familys they have been around forever, last generation it was the norm to have 5/6 kids that was normal and I might add no modern conviences like this idiot has, so please tell us kate whats your problem, oh thats write you had these kids you don,t seem to think they are your resonablity so how about spending some time with them it is NOT THE PUBLICS PROBLEM its yours, your not a good mother


    this woman is such a hipocrite all talk no action when it comes to those kids, go away kate you should be ashamed of yourself


    "...these unloving loud outbursts are what I tend to remember..."

    At least now she admits she did the same to Jon when they were married.


    What a disgusting piece of sorry arse mother she is. she's nothing but a nasty fame wh0re that will go out of her way to pimp her kids on TV to earn extra $$ for spa treatments and hair extensions. she drove her husband away with all her condescending b*tching and moaning and has no one but herself to blame for her problems. boo hoo boo hoo go cry on your maid and nannies' shoulders and get off our television screens!

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