New Kate Gosselin Book Tanks Hard

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Kate Gosselin's latest book isn't exactly flying off the shelves, which is a good thing too, because if it were, the apocalypse might be imminent.


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    10,084 copies??


    yea wright KATE I just want you to know you, I surpose the kids should feel privlidge that mommy dearest has taken the time to get someone to write to the kids,oh and they will also be able to see mommy on t.v pimping them out for every cent she can get


    what a joke, this woman is a self proclaimed mother of the year, when excuse me she is never home, always out with the bg steve, on every t.v show she can get on to, pedecures manicures, hair ex a complete make over ect ect it just goes on and on so please tell us KATE exactly how much time do you really put in with those kids without nannies, cooks and any other help, oh thats write only have time to repack for another trip away what a joke


    Kudos for Kate. More power to her. You go girl


    YUP!!! She needs to go home and parent the children that she claims are the reason I do ALL of this for! Sure......she really believes that she's intitled.
    Just go away Kate.......your 5 minutes are up~!


    I enjoyed the book very much. I also have a lot of respect for Ms Gosselin. She is doing the best she can to provide for her family. If you don't feel the same way, it's very simple to change the channel or not buy the book.


    Kate....Go home and raise the children.


    What's up with the bazoompas? That dress is totally unflattering and she writes like a third grader. Ha! There's another reality show she can go on. Are you smarter than a third grader. She'd do as well on that show as she did on DWTS.


    I can't believe she's surprised.


    It's time for Kate to qiuetly move into the backgroung..and go away!!!!!

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