Rihanna Concert Fashion: Hot or Not?

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Rihanna performed in Paris Wednesday, and is making headlines once again - and not for falling on stage or for a mystery hospitalization this time.

The star, who recently started dating Matt Kemp, may be apart from her L.A. Dodger beau, but gives him plenty of pictures from the road at least.

Her album, Rated R, may be aptly titled, as her concert attire seems appropriate for mature audiences only. Yowza. What do you think, hot or not?

Vote in our survey below, fashion critics ...

Rihanna in Paris

Rihanna's concert fashion sense is ...

Click to enlarge more Rihanna pictures below if you need to further examine the subject ... or simply gaze upon this hottie and talented singer:

Rihanna's Fashion
Yeah Yeah Yeah, So Hard
Hit Rihanna Style
Rihanna Fashion Statement
Rated R and Live

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