Friends Say Lindsay Lohan is a Lost Cause; Michael Lohan Still Threatening Conservatorship

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Today is D-Day for Lindsay Lohan.

This according to her estranged father, Michael Lohan. He's laid down an ultimatum - meet with him or he'll go to court. His goal there could be twofold:

  1. To free Ali Lohan, 16, from Lindsay's home.
  2. To set up a Britney-like conservatorship.

One catch? He wants to meet with Lindsay Lohan and his lawyer. After he said just last week that no lawyers, just his daughters, needed to be present.

Michael is retaining Lisa Bloom, a very smart lawyer and the daughter of (you know it) Gloria Allred. Lisa also just happens to work for ... wait for it ...

... an entertainment TV show!

SAVE LINDSAY: It's certainly a noble cause, as the girl is headed downhill in a hurry. But once again, Michael Lohan's motives are highly questionable at best.

Why throw a high-profile lawyer in the middle of this supposed be-all, end-all father/daughter heart-to-heart? And where is Ali Lohan in all of this?

Will Lindsay meet with Michael? Will Michael go to the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services to get Ali out of Lindsay's clutches?

Will Michael become the 2010 version of Jamie Spears? Were will Lindsay be getting sloshed this evening? Will Michael appear on Extra tonight?

These and many more questions remain unanswered in the escalating Lohan family drama. But whatever his motivation, at least he's still fighting.

One of Lindsay's former close friends says that virtually all of the train wreck's friends have basically just thrown in the towel in recent months.

The well-known ex-pal, who requested anonymity, "talking to Lindsay is like talking to a wall - if you ever say anything negative to her, she cuts you off."

The friend calls her "a lost cause." Let's hope it's not too late.


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I've always wondered why the press was so unfair to Michael, I have never thought there was any reason for it. I do know that some people can strike us the wrong way, but the press basically assumed things without facts. I watched Entertainment Tonight and one of the hosts totally went off on him, and she was spouting nonsense. She had no facts what-so ever, she was a comlete dingbat. Michael has gone to the press more than once on Lindsay, and then Lindsay and Dina totally denied his alligations. I think now, there is no denying, anymore. Lindsay is in a real mess, that Michael tried to fix a while ago. I think he only went to the press because that was the only option he had with the situation with Lindsay and Dina. I think the situation with Dina is, she doesn't want Michael involved with Lindsay because her own true colors will show thru. What other reason could there be for not wanting what is best for her daughter?


well, dina will fight him on this....she needs lindsay's wallet to survive.....she is, also, probably the prime beneficiary on her life insurance policy....he had better break out the big guns, if he wants his daughter to survive this

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