Lindsay Lohan: Ready to Get Sloshed

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The party never stops when you're Lindsay Lohan.

Hey, it's not like she has any sort of work holding her back, and court depositions only take place during the day, and can always be blown off anyway. Holla!

Despite pleas from many people, including her father Michael, that Lindsay Lohan is going to die unless she curbs her wild-child ways, it ain't happening yet.

The red-headed beauty is going balls out these days when it comes to the club scene. Here she is yesterday, in a rare moment of lucidity before bar hopping:

Before Getting Hammered

STILL WITH IT: Just give it a couple of hours.

Despite issues with substance abuse that have been well-publicized, she shows no signs of slowing down, having partied on multiple coasts this week, at NYC's Butter and then Beverly Hills' Bar 210 on Wednesday night.

As the Lindsay Lohan pictures below show, she needed some help leaving. Friends shielded the plastered, half-unconscious train wreck as she clutched her pack of cigarettes and made her way to a getaway car. Party on, girl!

Click to enlarge some images from the night ...

Frickin' BOMBED!
Drunk Lohan
Butter Style
She Has to Be Held Up
Wasted Out of Her Mind

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Me and my boyfriend had cotmelpely fallen out, but we're both too shy and embarrassed with each other to talk about it or even hang out anymore. I ended up kissing another guy, and my boyfriend foundout. He sent me a message on Myspace saying its over' and that was it! a couple years later we ended up as friends, so it all workd out.


The unattractive one in that photo is Ali, who for some reason was signed by one of the country's top model agencies. I don't see how that happened, because she is one homely kid, in my opinion.


I love Linsay Lohan. She's just who she is, with no apologies.I love the idea of Lindsay Lohan, and I loved her in "Mean Girls."I just wish she'd straighten up long enough to get offered a good movie role. I'd go see it.


I don't know what's worse: Lindsay giving up on her career or the fact that Ali is also in this picture. Damn, she got Fugs quick.


Umm... I really wouldn't call her a "beauty" at this point. She's REALLY UNATTRACTIVE.


Nice to see Ali is still being "home schooled".


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