Elin Woods Whisks Tiger's Kids Off to Sweden

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Tiger Woods' estranged wife, Elin Nordegren Woods, flew home to Sweden with the couple's two children on Monday, and the golfer nowhere in sight.

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    I don'tlike the idea of using kids as ammunition to the husband to secure divorce settlement... If Elin truly loves her kids, she should understand that the kids should not be deprived of a father's love as well... Tiger mayn't be a great husband, but it doesn't mean he is a bad father... I think he loves his kids.


    This e-news seems on unrealistic if I can recall was it not this e-mail news that said sometime during the Masters that Elin will be flying to her homeland by commercial jet not on private jet. This says it all


    Good for Elin. I hope she finds a new life. I hope she learns there is life after Tiger. I hope she is able to raise her children on Swedish soil, if that is her wish. I hope there is a bright future just around the corner. Now for Tiger . . . I hope he never gets another hole-in-one. I hope he never scores well enough to beat 3rd place. I hope Nike realizes what a cad he is and says Adios, Amigo. I hope that Tiger, one day, truly understands what he did to his wife, his children, his mother, his in-laws, his friends and the children that idolized him. Shame on you, Tiger.


    Wise move, Elin. Get out while you are still young, in good health and save yourself/kids.


    why on earth would she stay with him after what he did. she even gave him a chance, by all indications, and things were going well. still he put his career first, why would she ever think he would change.


    It is very evident that Tiger and Elin, for some time now, have been living separates lives, in separate houses and have been sharing custody of the children. Elin is moving on with her life with the children minus Tiger. Last week Tiger took the children on vacation. This week it is Elin’s turn to go on vacation with the children. This situation may well continue until they are divorced. I think Elin never intended to stay with Tiger Woods after his savage betrayal and world-wide humiliation. Elin agreed to put the divorce on hold for six months, so Tiger could get rehab and return to his career. Tiger knew this, but he had hoped Elin would change her mind. The six months are almost up and Elin will divorce Tiger soon and who can blame her? I wish Elin and her precious children the best.


    I find it interesting that the title says "tigers kids"..they are both parents. Tiget seems to busy with his golfing to be a full time parent so soomone, obviously the mother, should be able to do what she needs to..especially given these circumstances. When he married her and had children he knew she was from another country.

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