Elin Woods: Off to Sweden For Good?

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Elin Nordegren Woods is fixing up a house on a newly purchased property in her native Sweden. Could she be planning to rebuild her life there, post-Tiger?

The golfer's estranged wife bought the private $2 million home late last year, and it was in need of some major TLC, which Elin is definitely putting into it.

Elin Nordegren, Children

Photos reveal that a major renovation is underway on the property, and builders are trying to get everything done by this summer, according to sources.

Tiger Woods, who just returned to competitive golf at last week's Masters, with Elin nowhere to be found, is scheduled to play the U.S. Open in late June.

Do they get U.S. cable in Sweden?

Will Elin Woods leave Tiger for good?

While it appeared as if a full reconciliation was likely, if not a done deal, in spite of allllllll the cocktail waitresses Tiger tapped, things have cooled in recent weeks.

Reports suggest she's unhappy he returned to golf so soon, and was incensed over Tiger's filthy, violent Joslyn James text messages that recently came to light.

Whatever the reason, they're taking separate vacations right now, and while you can't count out a reunion, things have definitely been on a downward trajectory.

What do you think Elin Woods should do?


The news is on the heat, but every one should realise that no man is a saint, the greatest men starting from Clinton down to Divid Laterman has all fallen but has never been broken. Wood should learn from those great men never to be his own failure by been on hiding. Elin should learn from the wifes of those great men starting from Hilary that leaving him would not solve the problem but been on his side at this difficult time would bring him back to life. Wood has apologized and the World should forgive him.


Miapocca go to hell with the pig. You deserve each other.
People who still support this jackass are beyond pathetic.
Elin is the innocent victim in this fiasco.
The vilain is Tiger and nobody else. He wanted to play now he has to pay. No pity here. He should have thought twice before sleeping with his bunch of stupid bimbos. I have the feeling he feels comfortable with ugly sluts who have no brains. He is ugly and not a smart guy at all.
I hope he never wins again a major championship and ends up a lonely guy surrended by bimbos and whores who will suck up all his money.
The road to hell has just begun and it will be a long one !!!!


I think you are right. we might have worried for them but these two couple might have really married for wrong reasons. Its just a pain that they do not speak up even if they are private person. They can still say, hello, we are not divorcing. Many people might have been happy but for those people who have hoped they not get divorced are also saddened because of all these e news coming out. maybe no strong marriage really exist on that top spot of fame and fortune.
I still not lost hope, i hope they wake up. I just hope they think of the kids who died like Anna Nicole Smith kid, and many other kids who were taken for granted because the parents divorced and they have new families.


I don't think it is wrong of Tiger to return to golf...Tiger knows too well that he is a "dead" man without golf... If what e-news are true, the couple is still living in separate houses even after Tiger is back to rehab, so is it Tiger should wait at home not doing anything and wait for his wife to change her mind ? If a man has a business (Tiger Woods Corporation is a business) and his staff as well as endorsement contracts signed, how can the owner stay away from his business for more than 6 months ? He is lucky that he is rich, so can afford for a 5 months break... If the man is an employee of a corporation, he can't even afford a 2 months time-off without fear of losing the job and hence worry about grocery bills... I think it is NOT Tiger wrong in back to golf (unless he is doing golf tournament every week)... It looks to me that marriage has problems of its own not just infidelity...


Tiger Woods said to be deeply regretting the hurt and damage he caused his wife and children with his selfish, reckless and sinful behavior. Tiger may be also regretting his decision of returning to golf too soon. He did not win the Masters and he may be loosing his wife and family soon. I think that it is too late for Tiger to save his marriage and family. If Tiger looses Elin and the children, he may regret it for the rest of his life because a family is a priceless treasure. At the end of the day, when all the excitement of winning tournaments is over, and the glory of fame has faded, the unconditional love and support of a family is the only thing that is truly important.


The problem is the media/tabloid wants to see a divorce for this couple... If they want to put an end to all the divorce e-news which came up since last week, then they need to either make an official clarification or to appear in public hand-in-hand.. If they don't mind all these divorce gossip hanging around, then they can choose to do nothing... If they are indeed finalising on divorce papers, then for sure they won't care whatever tabloid/media is saying about them. It is so hard to know exactly what is in the planning of this couple as neither says anything about their marriage.

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