Elin Woods: SO Over Tiger

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Tiger Woods has returned to golf, but his cheering section is about to decline by one, as Elin Nordegren consults divorce lawyers in Florida and California.

According to reports, the former model has not spent one night with her husband since he returned from sex rehab in time to prepare for The Masters.

Elin Nordegren's New House

Instead, Elin Nordegren Woods stays in the Isleworth community near their Orlando, Fla., home in a separate house with their two kids and nannies.

"Elin is over Tiger, it's time to get her house in order," says a source in Orlando, who says it's less of a question of if Elin will divorce Tiger, but when.

As we reported this week, Nordegren is talking to lawyers about divorce possibilities, and when and if she files, it will most likely go down in Florida.

Elin Woods reportedly has a prenup that would pay $20 million if she stays married for 10 years, but has had legal experts pursue sweetening the deal.

Unconfirmed reports say Woods offered an additional $80 million in a revised prenup, but even that won't make her put up with (or put out for) him.

One thing that is confirmed is that she bought a $2 million Swedish home on a secluded island and is fixing it up. Is she moving to Sweden for good?

Elin, reports say, will soon go to her new Swedish home for a visit. What's unclear is if she comes back ... not that a divorce would be quick or easy.

In Florida, where there are children involved, the law requires a three-month parental counseling course before any divorce would become legal.

Florida has done this to try to decrease divorces and protect the children in hopes of changing the mind of the parent who wants to sever the ties.

Also, if Elin Woods does divorce Tiger, the assets are so numerous, it could take more than a year to review them all and hammer out logistics.

Bottom line if/when she does? Tiger is going to get reamed. Nothing is official yet, but what do you think Elin Woods should do?


Tiger, you did wrong and now the privelege of having a good looking wife has been taken away. You have also lost your children. They will grow up without you. This is your fault, NOT anyone elses.


what the hell is she waiting for?more money idont think so if the prenup is locked then 20million should be enough for 5years and 2 kids.Tiger did her wrong no question but why the bull elin why going to rehab you are willing to for give him for cheating but not for returning to playing golf.It seems that she is not that sincer about things either i never cared about tiger or golf but because of all this stories i hve become Tiger woods fan and i hope he gets his divorce fast and get on with his life.Bathe way last time i checked cheating doest mean that you are a bad father and from what iam hearing tiger is a great dad and there is no court in this country would take the kids away from him.Hey tiger i hope you go through with your rehab and in a year or two find true love again hopefully with Natale Gulbis.


Hi Alyssa: By now, do you still think there is chance for Elin and Tiger to stay together in marriage ? I am not saying what you hope, but I am saying from how things appear whether it appears any chance to stay together. I believe it is low to nearly no chance, unless Tiger and Elin are playing games with media and us in fooling us with their trips. But they do look like living separate lives rather than converging to re-build the family. What do you think ?


Elin is a money hungry spiteful b*tch. She knew she was going to divorce him, but held the marriage over his head so he would embarrass himself and go to sex rehab and issue that apology. Guys cheat on their wives all the time, yes its wrong but its common. Well I hope the prenup she signed is ironclad and she gets next to nothin.


Elin made the wrong move in attempting to control Tiger's golf career.. I think if one asks the PGA golfers to choose the ultimatum of golf versus marriage, bet you 50% of them will prefer a single life if they have to give up golf tournaments. Like you can't force a philandering husband who is a doctor prime in his practice to give up doctor practice for marriage. Elin might have done all things right as a housewife, but Tiger is and will not be a full-time stay-at-home husband. The fact that she wants Tiger not to return to golf, the marriage is doomed over upon her request. In some sense, she is stupid.. She only needs to ensure her husband's devotion to her over all other females in this planet, but if she wants to dominate her husband over his career and lifestyle, they are not made for each other.


Alyssa: If Elin is so keen to save the marriage, she won't be behaving that odd like taking out-of-town flights (some on herself only, and some with her kids) like that... Frankly speaking, being a full-time housewife with no job, I wonder how come there are so many out-of-town trips ? If e-news are indeed true that she cited unhappy with Tiger return to golf, it sounded insensible because Tiger is working (not messing around) and she is revenging by vacationing (ie not working)... So a full time housewife is vacationing and complaining the husband is going back to work, does that sound a sensible wife with the interest of marriage in mind ?


I don't know other people...but by now, I am just indifferent of any woman claiming to having affairs with Tiger Woods... It is not at all interesting to worth even taking a look at the photo because we now get so used to it that e-news on the alleged women meant nothing now... Ha Ha ! Interesting ! It meant the tabloid had made us insensitive to sex scandal by now, contrary to what they thought it would bring juice ... We got used to it now, so Tiger, don't worry any more about any kiss-and-tell on stories before your rehab...The tabloid got nothing juicy to publish now except on your marriage in bad shape brewing for a divorce...


I wonder... at least 12 mistresses... and she hasn't noticed it? What sort of connection was there between them? What has divided them? Maybe Tiger was never the the right person for her?! And I'm sure Elin will find a man, who will love and respect her as she deserves to be loved and respected. She seems like a nice person.


Not sure where you got the three month and counseling waiting period in Florida, there is no such thing. She can file whenever she wants and only has to claim marriage cannot be fixed.


I kinda figured she was only in it for the dividends. This should make it clear why Tiger strayed.

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