Sources: Elin Nordegren Woods to Divorce Tiger

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Tiger Woods and fed-up wife Elin Nordegren Woods appear headed to divorce court as attempts to heal their shattered union apparently came up short.

Elin has already met with a divorce lawyer, according to reports, and the final straw in their disintegrating marriage may have been his return to golf.

Or the creepy Tiger Woods Nike ad that accompanied it.

The New York Daily News, People, and his hometown Orlando Sentinel confirm the divorce lawyer meeting, and ET says the marriage is “indeed over.”

Numerous reports say Elin Nordegren was irate over the Nike ad that aired during last week's Masters featuring the voice of Woods’ late father, Earl.

Already concerned that he was insincere in his efforts to change his ways and put family first, the ad spot is said to have pushed her over the edge.

Will Tiger Woods' next drive be to divorce court?

According to ET, Woods believed his trip to rehab stint for sex addiction would be enough to keep his family together. Only temporarily, it seems. If that.

Elin is reportedly fixing up the $2 million house she purchased in her native country, fueling rumors that she is moving to Sweden for good this summer.

There is speculation that she will choose to live there with her kids after a split with Woods ... and it would be hard to blame her if that were the case.

It is imperative to note that nothing has been confirmed by either Tiger or Elin Woods as of now. There is certainly more to this than we possibly know.

However, you have to figure things aren’t going well. All Tiger offered last week was that he was excited to be back ... nary a word about his spouse.

Even worse? The fact that relations were noticeably better between the two as recently as early March, then cooled. Now they're on vacation... separately.

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please forward that list to Ben Rothlisraper !


aspasia Says: April 18th, 2010 12:19 AM If he can forgive her for attempted murder she should make an effort to forgive him. She almost made ehr children fatherless.
Did the Windemere police lie? Did Tiger lie again? Too bad somebody doesn't bring charges against this sort of slander. Isn't this defamation of character or something? There were no charges brought against Elin and the police said there was no violence. Tiger had a cut lip for goodness sake. If she had attempted murder with a golf club to which you must refer, tiger would have been in a lot worse shape. Why don't you have someone hit you a few good blows with a golf club, see how much you are damaged.Be sure that someone is really mad at you. Maybe then you will get it. Sounds like a good idea to me.


There is no way Tiger Wood should have gone back to playing golf without his wife blessing and wife angry with the Nike Ad, Tiger would have showed the Nike Ad to his wife first and listing to e-news, and yahoo news is just a waste of time and the best place to list to the new is BBC and CNN


Will Norman, get a clue. It doesn't matter whether anyone else sees Elin as "a great prize"; what matters is that her husband does.
And who cares who was a geek and who wasn't it high school? That's just a tiny stage in the scheme of life. Then there's the adolescent assertion (LOL) that she brought down the "empire." It's obvious, boy,that you haven't been paying attention -- but it's ok, you can go back and listen to Tiger's press conferences to hear him tell you it was his fault. Next is her ego. Yeah -- he harmed her, and now he gets to pay for that. It's called consequences. Ask your mommy to tell you what those are.


The media had no evidence but just brewed e-news on divorce citing Tiger and Elin went on separate trips and that Elin didn't attend Masters.. They said the two didn't talk with each other... So did the tabloid hook up a videocamera inside the house to probe at what's going on. BTW in the past Elin had not attended every golf tournament of Tiger. All I saw was guess-work or speculations of the state of their marriage with no evidence.


Seriously do people care about the marriage of Tiger and Elin any more ? I am only looking forward to watching Tiger at golf tournaments, and his marriage meant nothing interesting to me. Besides, what's the big deal of their divorce ?


I don't think with all the lessons from kiss-and-tell women that Tiger will end up opting with any of those women...with one exception is Rachel U. because she tends to be most cooperative if given money and it also looks like Tiger is best to her (if the e-news are true)... For sure, Tiger won't even be near Joseyln, Jamie Jungers and Jamie Grubbs becaues they have shown to be trouble-makers, and why will Tiger want a trouble-maker these days....Even if he needs sex, he will be very careful this time for someone who keeps her mouth shut.


For me if Elin divorce Tiger Wood you better believe me anohter girl wiil take her place and the question is who is going to end up with Tiger Wood after Elin or is Tiger Wood be single
Rachel Uchite
Joslyn James
Jamie Grubbs.
Kalika Moquin.
Jamie Jungers.
Mindy Lawton.
Raychel Coudriet
Cori Rist
Loredana Jolie.
Julie Postle.
Raychel Coudriet
and more girl will be involved in the fight for Tiger Wood


Tiger needs to become history, and everyone one else needs to move on and forget him. The scriptures tells us that our sins will find us out. Tiger had his pleasure, now its time to pay the price. The price is his wife, children, his character, and respect.


If she don't stand my her man. She was with him for the money. She knew him before they got married and how he was. That why I said our black men always get done up by the barbie doll. Because they think they are better than a sister. I hope this is a wait up call to all the brother out there. Your sistah girl well stand by they men no matter what. Because we love them that hard. So sometime I can't feel to sorry for them. But Tiger he my heart. I forgive him always.

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