Family Guy Actress Who Mocked Sarah Palin Says She Has No Sense of Humor

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Sunday's episode of Fox's Family Guy drew condemnation from Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, 2008 V.P. nominee and mother of a special needs baby.

On the show, teenager Chris dates a girl named Ellen who has Down Syndrome and tells him over dinner that her mother is “the former governor of Alaska.”

Sarah Palin, whose son Trig has Down Syndrome, lashed out at Family Guy, which she says “really isn’t funny” and is the work of “cruel, cold-hearted people.”

The Republican politician also involved her teenage daughter Bristol for some reason and plugged her Facebook page a lot in various statements. Whatever.

This and other non-PC Family Guy quotes have drawn ample criticism, but one woman clearly in the corner of the Fox comedy is Andrea Fay Friedman (below).

Sarah Palin might like to hear herself talk more than anyone in history think Family Guy is offensive and hurtful, but this voice actress is sticking by the controversial show.

The 39-year-old actress and public speaker - who voiced Ellen on the Family Guy episode - has Down syndrome herself, and says that it's okay to laugh.

We didn't see that coming. She emailed this to the New York Times:

"I guess former Governor Palin does not have a sense of humor. I thought the line 'I am the daughter of the former governor of Alaska' was very funny.

I think the word is 'sarcasm.' In my family we think that laughing is good. My parents raised me to have a sense of humor and to live a normal life."

Hard to argue with that ... or is it? Whose side are you on?


There is a big difference between biting, cruel,
and insulting sarcasm to laugh at yourself and
tempered down, witty, and more subtle satire.
I believe this is what Sarah Palin is trying to
point out here. It is one thing not to take onself
too seriously, and another to use sarcasm to insult
one's character because the entertainment industry
thinks this is what "actresses" should be doing for


that is crappy on "anybody's" part to poke fun of a retarded child regardless of the mother. you people make me SICK! that is a helpless child, what if it was YOUR CHILD????????? and for jean whom states "totaly unimportant" do you have kids? and by the way IDIOT IS HOW U SPELL IT, get a dictionary. if any adult made fun of my 7 year old all he&*&*& would break loose.this world has gone to he&*&* and its because of the people on these stupid web sites and tv shows. do any of your making fun of her have any children we can make fun of????braglina is sick yet were not poking fun at their baster8878 kids all out of wedlock or their mother whom has sex with horses and dogs,lebo affairs, drugs lets make fun thir kids then. i can think of all kinds of cruel things to say about them. STUPID IMMATURE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since when is it ok to make fun of children with special needs? I wonder if anyone else put themselves in her shoes. This mocked her child, what mother would be ok with that? I watch Family Guy and it can be funny but this may have gone a little to far. Whats next, making fun of someone who just had a death in the family? Family Guy can be a little extreme sometimes. For those people who say that making fun of a "fat retarded actress" is funny should be ashamed of themselves.


The Rookie and his Wookie are in the White House! Free bananas for all! ;-D


Hey, you'd expect a no-necked mongoloid to be a liberal....but, what's your excuse? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....just bein' funny!!!


Jean, I guess it takes an "ediot" to known an "idiot"....hahahahahahahaha!


would we really consider someone for higher office that jumps on eveything that is totally unimportant. TFG knew she would go on tour with "retarded baby" and she did. She is an ediot. That whole family has spent their time fighting stupid things, Haven't they heard, the best defense is no defense.


Karen, You are a menace to the English language! Have you ever taken a class on grammar or punctuation? Take a minute and reread what you've posted before you hit send. If you expect to be taken seriously, and not as just another moonbat, you'll have to learn how to write. Another fine product of public education....;-)


I too have a terrific sense of humor! Nothing is funier than laughing at a fat retarded actress trying to be hip!! You're not too bad looking for a retarded might even find another ugly guy and have mongoloid kids someday. HaHaHaHa.....


All I have to say is: FUCK PALIN! Tired of that bitch always trying to say something and draw attention to herself. FUCK OFF, your redneck hillbilly. If you don't like the show, then TURN OFF THE TV.


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